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					Management, Social Behavior And Finishing Schools
Management and social behavior are closely related. Management starts at
your home. From the time when people started considering management as a
science, followed a rather precise researches in every possible aspects
of management. The management scholars with the aid of information
technology is learning to manage people in organizations after studying
thoroughly the behavior of human beings living in different social and
ethnic groups. Not surprisingly the techniques which evolved from the
behavioral analysis are yielding great results.
Humans irrespective of the place they are located carry their basic
instincts of living along with them. Their behavior is much related to
the way they are brought up in the society. Not much can done by any sort
of trainings to change these completely. This always had been a big task
for the senior managers and those in the middle management to see their
subordinates work for them with out creating an impression in them that
they are being exploited. The "neo-age" managers prefer to get along well
with their work force. This has few advantages and nullifies a possible
rebellion as in the feudal style management, wherein the managers are
meant to order and the subordinates to follow these orders or die.
Management over the years of research has become nothing less than a
science. The premium corporate management training schools are keeping a
close watch on the highly volatile, ever changing economic scenarios
around the world. They are not wasting not a single chance that might
come across in improvising their curriculum. As a result the students
coming out of these institutions are highly competitive and ready for
their profession in every aspects. But this is the case with the premier
establishments of the world like Harvard Business School. Still there are
other management schools which still teach the age old management
theories and principles and as a result the passing out students lack
contemporary know how of the things. This is where finishing schools are
helpful to the students. These schools generally have veteran management
gurus or ex-corporates in their esteemed faculty line-up. They carry
loads of wisdom and are well updated.
Many corporate managements agree to the fact that these finishing schools
make their jobs simpler and most of them recruit directly from the
finishing schools as they get a finished product ready to perform.