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									When a close friend or relative is getting married there’s a pretty good
chance that you may be asked to be a bridesmaid. It’s always flattering
to be chosen to take on such an important role on someone’s special day.
For an expecting woman though, being asked to be one of the attendants at
a wedding can present some unique challenges. One of those is finding
maternity bridesmaid dresses that are both flattering and fit with the
style of the wedding.

Traditionally the bride’s attendants all wore the same gown in the same
color. This in itself was usually a sore spot in the wedding preparations
as the dress would look great on some women and less than perfect on
others. With today’s more modern and relaxed styles, it’s common for all
the women to wear something different. This is good news for the
expectant mom as she can choose from a variety of maternity bridesmaid
dresses without having to be concerned with finding one in a particular
color or style.

Finding a dress that is appropriate for wear while taking on this
important supporting role in a wedding can be tricky. Many maternity
shops have hundreds of different office and evening looks for the
pregnant women. What they might not have is maternity bridesmaid dresses.
Most women who are in a bridal party aren’t expecting so the market is
obviously very small.

A store that may sell these dresses is a traditional bridal store. Women
come in all shapes and sizes and the typical bridal store will carry not
only a wide selection of brides’ dresses, but also many different styles
for the attendants. Even if they don’t have any maternity bridesmaid
dresses on display it is certainly worthwhile to inquire if they can
order one in.

Custom made dresses are often the choice of many of those involved in a
wedding. This is true of bridesmaid, flower girl and mother of the bride
dresses. If the other attendants are indeed having their dresses crafted
from the ground up, it’s easy for the seamstress to incorporate maternity
bridesmaid dresses into their repertoire as well. In this case the entire
bridal party can actually wear similar dresses, with the expectant
mother’s adjusted to accommodate her extra bundle of joy.

Women who are expecting can expect to watch their bodies change at a
pretty alarming rate. It’s fairly common for a woman to feel comfortable
in a piece of maternity wear only to find it doesn’t fit a week later.
That’s why it’s important to purchase a dress that will fit on the day of
the wedding. If you are only two months pregnant when you look at and
order maternity bridesmaid dresses that you’ll be wearing when you are
eight months along, buy the size you anticipate being in. You don’t want
to face not having a dress when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

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