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									Imagine, Each Morning You Were Given $86,400 - Time Management is Really
About Life Management.
Imagine, at the start of each morning you were given $86,400. You have to
spend this money. You can't invest your money and you can't save it for a
rainy day. The money that you don't use you lose! How would you spend
that money? Each day this happens to us, but with something much more
valuable than money, OUR TIME.
Each and every day we are allocated with 86,400 seconds. However, for
some of us we don't think the importance of these seconds, but rather
take them for granted, and as such squander them on less important
However, these seconds are much more important than money. While you can
save money and make more of it, you can't do that with time. Time is non-
renewable, once it is gone it is gone forever.
This makes time management, which is more about managing your self in
relation to time, one of the most important things to contribute to your
success and effectiveness.
This is echoed in the famous words of Benjamin Franklin "Dost thou love
life? Then do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made of."
Regardless of who you are, what you do, or what stage of life you are in,
time does not discriminate. Each of us is allocated with 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
This highlights a paradox of time management. Time management is not
about creating more time (as time marches on at a fixed pace) but rather
how to manage your life with respect to the time that you have.
So time management is really about life management. Managing your life
within the time period allocated. This raises the stakes of time
management from the idea of "to do" lists and "diaries" to one that is of
critical importance - your life effectiveness.
I believe that time management is fundamental to a meaningful and
successful life.
By prioritizing and focusing on what is important to you - for many this
will be our family, friends, work, personal development and spirituality;
we spend our time in a meaningful and effective manner.
This is where goal setting and time management are like a hand fitting a
glove. Goal setting, if done properly, can create today's dreams into
tomorrow's reality. It does this by setting small achievable steps that
focus you on your long-term target.
By building daily habits of success, such as spending your time on
actions that move you towards your long-term goals, you cannot help but
become successful.
In many of my workshops I ask "Do you feel that you have too much time,
not enough or is it just right?"
Some people feel as though they have too much time. They are bored and
let it tick away. Others feel that they have too little time; they feel
pressured and hurried, as though there are too many demands placed upon
In workshops when I ask this question, of all the managers, sporting
professionals, homemakers, and students, probably about 1 percent reply
that they have enough time.
This is interesting because when you think about it, the supply of time
has never been better or more equal.
If you feel that you don't have enough time or too much time, then time
management can help you to take daily steps, not to create more time, but
to become more effective with the time that has been given to you.
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