World History Syllabus 2005-2006 by sarob


									             AMERICAN GOVERNMENT SYLLABUS – FALL 2008

Course: American Government
Instructor: Mrs. Conrad                    Phone: (407) 905-3000 ext. 4677

Text: United States Government: Democracy In Action, Glencoe (2006)

Course Description: In this American Government court you will study the development of our system of
government from the events leading to the creation of our Constitution through the current operations of the
executive, legislative and executive branches. You will study the functions of all branches and organizations of
government. You will discover how our government works and how you fit into that system.

Major concepts/content: American Government provides students with interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and
attitudes necessary to meet responsibilities as citizens of their community, state, and nation and prepares them
to understand the working of the Democratic Process with an understanding of the Federal Government.

Required Materials: You are expected to bring your textbook, your interactive student notebook (120 page
notebook), and pen/pencil with you to class every day. Coming unprepared for class informs me that you are
not ready to participate in the activities.

Interactive Notebook: The Interactive Student Notebook (“ISN”) will be an integral part of this course.
Details relating to the ISN will be forthcoming.
                                                                                      State Grading Scale
Grading:   Our school and district philosophy require that we grade on this scale:       A = 90 – 100
                                                                                         B = 80 – 89
                                                                                         C = 70 – 79
                                                                                         D = 60 – 69
                                                                                         F = 59 or below

Mastery = The student has an overall understanding of the subject matter and can apply concepts and skills of the
subject matter to other areas.
Proficiency = The student has a good understanding of the subject matter and can apply concepts and skills of the
subject matter to areas within the subject matter
Competency = The student has a basic understanding of the subject matter and the concepts and skills used.

Grades can be checked at

                                Foundations of the American political system
                                      o Political Theory
                                      o Historical British Documents
                                The United States Constitution
                                      o Declaration of Independence
                                      o Articles of Confederation
                                      o The Constitution and Federalism
                                Political Behavior
                                      o Political Ideologies and Political Parties
                                      o Elections and Voting
                                      o Public Opinion, the Media, and Interest Groups
                            Institutions and Public Policy
                                     o Legislative Branch – Congress
                                     o Executive Branch – the Presidency
                                          The Bureaucracy
                                          Public Policy – Domestic and Foreign
                                     o Judicial Branch – the Courts
                                     o Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Economics Includes:
     FCAT READING: Social studies will continue to expose students to informational text, vital to the
      FCAT. The new texts also come with additional FCAT preparation resources.

      REFERENCE/RESEARCH: The new texts emphasize DBQ skills (document-based questions) which
       require students to compare various primary sources to draw conclusions. This will offer more practice
       in the reference/research area of FCAT that is a weakness for our students.

      READING STRATEGIES: Resources are provided to support teachers with reading strategies. These
       offer step by step guides to before, during, and after reading. They emphasize graphic organizers, main
       idea, vocabulary building, etc.

      SUNSHINE STATE STANDARDS: The Global Studies texts have been correlated to the Sunshine State
       Standards making lesson-planning easier and more effective

      FCAT MATH: Social studies texts are excellent tools for analyzing data in graphs, charts, etc. assisting
       the math curriculum.

      CURRENT EVENTS: this class will support the reading and discussion of current events. Current Events
       can support the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – Students can analyze current events, apply their
       knowledge of civics, and evaluate their position on current events.

NOTE: This Syllabus is subject to revision as needed throughout the school year. Revised copies
will be provided when necessary.

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