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									Bartender School

Tom Cruise makes it look easy in the movie Cocktail but tending bar is an
acquired skill. It demands plenty of practice and know how and that's
where bartender school comes in. This career is growing in popularity and
prestige and the many schools are in a competitive market. Bar work is
attractive to many people because of the flexible hours, social contact
and the opportunity to earn good money with salary and tips.

The better establishments in the leisure industry can afford to pic k the
best and it's essential to choose a school with an excellent reputation.
A good bartender school will help a student to find a job in addition to
teaching the skills required. On hands tuition with the aid of an actual
bar is of equal importance to classroom lessons and theory. Bartenders
need to look comfortable in their domain and have an easy rapport with
their customers.

The student will learn the basics of mixology, a term to describe the
mixing of drinks. Cocktails are of course, a part of th is knowledge and
there will be sessions on cutting fruit, preparing garnishes and
decorating various concoctions. There are hundreds of cocktail recipes,
including the popular Tequila Sunrise, Screw Driver and Apple Martini.
The bartender must be familiar with the different wine, whiskey and
liquors available. Wine is an entire subject in itself with lessons on
decanting and allowing wine to breathe. Beer drinkers must also be
catered for and bartender school will teach how to serve a draft beer and
how to tap a keg.

Bar work demands a knowledge of terminology used in the trade and an
understanding of what equipment to use and which type of glass to select.
Customers may ask for a chaser, a highball or something on the rocks. The
bartender will need to know when to use a shooter, beer stein or fluted
champagne glass. There are a lot of gadgets behind the bar, including
cocktail shakers, corkscrews, ice buckets and electric blenders.

All this knowledge must be combined with the ability to work quickly a nd
to process orders correctly. Bartender school will teach the whole
process, from setting up the bar to closing down. Some areas require that
bartenders have undergone alcohol awareness study. Bar owners also look
for the ability to increase a bar's profits and to maintain good customer
service. In conclusion, the bartender school will equip the graduate to
prepare for job interviews and to compile an impressive resume.

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