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									When someone celebrates a special occasion tradition tells us that it’s a
thoughtful gesture to give them something. If the person celebrating a
birthday or an anniversary is someone close to you, you’ve probably
already given them just about everything you can think of that they would
need. Flowers are always a wonderful way to express your feelings, but if
you want to take it up a notch, consider edible fruit baskets. Everyone
who finds themselves the recipient of one of these is thrilled with the
bounty of healthy treats that await them.

As many variations of wine as there are in the world, there are just as
many fruit baskets. You’ll soon discover this when you visit the local
market to order one. Typically edible fruit baskets are ordered according
to price. You choose a price range and the vendor will construct a basket
filled with fresh fruits that equals the price minus the cost of their
time and delivery. We all know that fruit can be somewhat pricey
depending on the season so it might be wiser to take on the task of
building the basket yourself.

You only need a few supplies and you will quickly notice how much money
you can actually save if you do this yourself. In fact, you can save
enough money to purchase extra fruit and give the recipient an even
bigger gift. A wicker basket that is strong and sturdy is a must. It’s
also nice to line the bottom with a few colorful pieces of tissue, some
decorative grass or even a nice kitchen towel that they can use later.

Next you want to visit the grocer and pick out some fruit. There are a
few hints to keep in mind when constructing your own edible fruit
baskets. Namely pick produce that will remain fresh for a couple of days.
Also, don’t go out shopping for the contents of your basket too many days
in advance. Ideally you should buy the fruit the same day you plan on
giving the basket.

Apples, oranges and bananas are typical fare for this type of
arrangement. Grapes also add a delicious decorative touch as well as
lemons and limes. Items that are larger, such as melons or grapefruits
are too bulky for edible fruit baskets so bypass those for something

Pears are perfect to include as well, as are peaches and plums if they
are in season. Some people like to include a bottle of wine with the
reasoning that at one time the alcoholic contents were indeed grapes.
Whether or not to include spirits in edible fruit baskets truly depends
on who is getting it and whether or not they enjoy a glass every now and
again. The same is true of chocolate which goes very well with fruit. If
the person receiving the contents doesn’t eat sugar, leave the chocolate
at home for yourself. You’ll deserve a treat after spending the time
putting together such a thoughtful gift.

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