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					When I got into an auto accident, the claims adjusters did everything
that they could do to reduce the damages that I got. Although they were
going to settle for enough money to pay for my hospital bills and lost
time at work, it still didn't amount to much. I had lost considerable
mobility, and I would be laid up for months and months before I ever made
a full recovery. It had put my attempts to run the marathon back by at
least a year, and I wasn't getting any younger. Worst of all, I was in
chronic pain and had been mentally traumatized by the whole thing. The
other driver had been at fault, and had been driving negligently – he
even admitted it to the cops. At the time, I didn't know about pain and
suffering compensation, but my lawyer informed me of it. He told me that,
more than most accident victims, I really deserved a pain and suffering

When you get injured, you see, it is not just the actual fractured parts
that get damaged. Soft tissue pain is a common complaint of most auto
accident victims. You just don't feel the same, and you ache in places
where you have not ached before. Along with the big damages, you may have
thousands of tiny rips and your muscles, rips that over time can cause
quite a bit of scarring and discomfort. This is what pain and suffering
compensation is for. In some ways, you never recover from a severely
traumatic event, but compensation pain and suffering does serve as a sort
of crutch to help you get back on your feet.

Unfortunately, the pain and suffering compensation trial was by no means
a sure thing. At the time, the other driver had been very apologetic, but
since then he had hired a lawyer and was refusing to give an inch. They
refused to discuss out of court pain and suffering settlements, although
it could have worked in their favor. I don't know why the change of
heart, but for some reason they were going to make me fight for the pain
and suffering compensation that, deep down, I am sure they know I
deserved. In the end, it worked out even better for me than if they had
settled. And out of court settlement, you see, is usually a sort of a
compromise. With the pain and suffering compensation ruling, however, I
got everything I wanted.

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