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									Resume Objective Statement - 3 Easy Steps For Writing an Objective For a
The objective statement at the top of your resume is one if the first
impressions you make on potential employers. A good resume objective
statement summarizes your goals and ambitions, and tells the employer why
you are the best employee for the job. Follow these three easy steps to
write a professional, one-sentence resume objective statement.
Step 1: Tell What You Want
Let the employer know what type of work you are seeking. You can be vague
and name the industry you want to work for, or you can be more specific
and name job titles. For example, start your resume objective statement
with phrases such as "To secure employment as a roofer," "To further my
career in restaurant management," or "To find employment in the banking
Step 2: Tell What You Have to Offer
In the second part of your resume objective statement, tell the employer
what you have to offer should you be hired. Identify your best skill that
qualifies you for the position and helps you stand out amongst the other
job candidates. For example, use phrases that sound like "where I can use
my exceptional multi-tasking skills," "in which my outstanding ability to
meet deadlines and exceed expectations," or "where my extensive
experience in customer service management."
Step 3: Tell What You Will Do
Lastly, tell the employer how your skill will benefit the company. This
tells the employer why hiring you is the best option. For example, use
phrases like "will increase company productivity," "helps the company
achieve outstanding customer satisfaction scores," or "will contribute to
a positive company culture."
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