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									More and more elderly people are staying active longer. This means they
are opting to stay living in their own homes as opposed to moving to a
long-term care facility. Naturally their families will have some
concerns, particularly if the individual is dealing with any medical
problems, such as heart disease or limited mobility because of arthritis.
With medical alert devices, help is only the push of a button away and it
gives everyone involved peace of mind.

Although the idea of having someone carry a phone with them at all times
works much the same way, it’s simply not logical. With a telephone, even
one that has been programmed with 911 on speed dial, there is still the
concern of dropping it or having to turn it on. With many of the medical
alert devices available, the individual can wear it clipped to their
clothing and calling help involves pushing just one button.

Others work with an almost opposite approach. If there is some concern
and the person doesn’t respond by pressing a button, then help is sent.
These types of medical alert devices are more appropriate for people who
are home bound and don’t have many visitors. They are expected to check
in with the monitoring company from time to time and if they don’t, an
alarm is sounded and an ambulance sent.

The majority of models also have an emergency system in place in the case
of a fall or accident. It may be impossible for an elderly person who has
fallen to reach the button to signal they need help. For them, having one
of the medical alert devices that react when a fall or slip is suspected
works very well; this usually happens because of a sensor that is built
into it.

If a person isn’t interested in the idea of carrying a device like this
on a full-time basis there are models that are designed to be put near a
bed or by the bathtub. In the event that the individual feels a problem
developing during the night or they suffer an accident while bathing,
they can use the medical alert devices to call for help.

Many older people are likely to scoff at the idea of spending money on
something like this. Medical alert devices make a perfect gift for a
family member to give and they also show how much the person means to
them. Using these medical alert devices is easy and most importantly they
can save the life of someone dear. They are truly one of the newest
pieces of technology that should be used to their full advantage.

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