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									It seems that there is a huge push for people to eat healthier. It is
nearly impossible to watch television, listen to the radio or read a
magazine or newspaper and not hear something about eating healthy. At
work in the break room it seems that most days people are discussing the
number of fat grams or calories in the items that are being consumed. It
seems like everyone is on a diet of some sort.

A few weeks ago we had an afternoon all staff meeting. These meeting are
held quarterly. No matter what refreshments the director decides to serve
there are complaints. There are even more complaints if nothing is
served. The director has tried fruit, fresh vegetables, cookies and bars.
When a healthy alternative is offered people want sweets, when sweets are
served people complain about the calories or that they want something
salty. It is a no win situation. At the last meeting there were several
bowls that were covered with napkins so the contents were not apparent as
we filed into the meeting room. Once everyone was seated the director and
his assistant passed napkins and the bowls around the table. The bowls
were filled with chocolate covered potato chips. Most people had not
tried this particular snack so no matter what kind of diet people were on
they took at least one of the chocolate covered potato chips to try. The
director began the meeting. As we went through the agenda the bowls of
the chips continued to circle the table. By the end of the meeting most
of the chocolate covered potato chips were gone.

After the meeting I talked to the director, who my husband and I
socialize with, about his choice of snack for the meeting. He told me how
frustrated he gets about people complaining about what is offered for
refreshments during the meeting. No matter how much people complain and
leave the treats during the meetings, they all disappear once the meeting
is over and the treats are taken to the break room. He decided that
chocolate covered potato chips are not good for anyone. That type of
treat is simply an indulgence eaten for enjoyment of sweet and salty,
smooth and crunchy. He enjoyed watching the major complainers eat several
of the high fat treats. He said that he is no longer going to worry about
pleasing everyone at the meetings; instead he is going to get high
quality novelty treats like the chocolate covered potato chips for people
to enjoy.

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