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									Cover Letter Help and Tips
So you want to land that all important job interview for an exciting
position that you found online? The cover letter tips in this article
will be a powerful asset to helping you with your objectives.
When your resume does not have a cover letter, then what you are doing is
looking weak to the hiring manager. Typically a hiring manager has to go
through lots of resumes in order to pick out candidates to interview.
What happens if you do not have a cover letter at the very least, it will
be then their job to see how your resume matches up with the skills and
abilities that they are seeking. This is a lot of work for the hiring
In order to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you need a Cover
Letter. Here is some Cover Letter Help and Tips:
Include the Date, Your Name and Address, and the Company Name and Address
at the top of the letter.
Subject Line: In this line put the Job Title, Job Reference ID, and where
you first learned of the position (i.e. Failing to put this
information on your resume can disqualify you for a job, so it is best to
put it here then it is covered.
In the body of the letter, one to two paragraphs, you want to match up
your skills and abilities to the skill sets that they have listed in the
job description. Your goal is to match up 85% plus of these skills. If
there are too many, then match up the most important skills. Now you are
doing the work for the Hiring Manager. This is very powerful in making
you the candidate for an interview.
In the conclusion, express your gratitude for them taking the time out of
their busy schedule to interview you. Then follow by indicating that you
will be available for interviewing at their earliest convenience.
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