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									Transportation is imperative in the world we inhabit. In fact, most of us
need to commute somewhere each and every day. It may be 20 minutes down
the road or a whopping 90 minutes into the city. It all depends on where
you live and where you're employed. And let's not forget the countless
other reasons we have to leave the house. In short, we rely on our
vehicles quite regularly. But let's not forget about air travel. Some
folks rely on flying everyday for their careers. The rest of us resort to
this method of travel for vacations and yearly trips. While the speed of
air travel is ideal, airline ticket purchases now days are not so cheap.
And sadly they continue to rise.

Do you recall your last flight? I certainly remember mine because it was
only last month. I took a four day trip to Myrtle Beach from Cincinnati
and it wasn't cheap. My round-trip ticket cost me a whopping 780 dollars.
YUCK! That's way too much for a trip such as this. However, clearly with
airline ticket purchases it depends on when you buy them. Timing is
everything. Now, if you're like most of us these days, then you probably
rely on the Internet for deals and specials. Let's face it; it's easy and
convenient to book a flight via the web. You just hop online and BAM,
it's all taken care of. Then there's the dark side of online airline
ticket purchases. First of all you have a number of vying websites.
There's travelocity.com, cheaptickets.com, travelation.com, expedia.com
and several more. So what you basically need to do is compare them all.
Search for the flight you need on each of these travel websites, and
pinpoint the best current deal. It's a bit of a pain, but doesn't take
too long. Then there's the time issue. When you research airline ticket
purchases is always crucial. One day can make a huge difference. I was
shocked to see a 400 dollar plane ticket skyrocket to 670 overnight. As
ridiculous as this sounds, it's still our reality.

Any time you choose to fly, remember to arrive a couple hours early.
Chances are you'll be the one that gets heavily searched at the security
check, and then be held up for a good amount of time. You don't want to
miss your flight! And be prepared for delays. They come standard now! You
might as well expect them. Planes wait in long lines to take off these
days. Air travel just isn't what it used to be.

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