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					Student Handout                                                          Activity 5

                           Drawing Conclusions
Name: ___________________________________       Date: ____________________

                               Discover the challenges your settlement group faced in
                               early Canada.
                                  Choose a challenge like finding food or
                                     transportation or building a home.
                                  Find facts from The Kids’ Site of Canadian
                                     Settlement and primary sources that tell something
                                     about your challenge.
                                  Then draw a conclusion about the challenge (e.g.:
                                     The group ate a lot of different kinds of foods).

                               See how many challenges you can complete. If you need
                               more pyramids you can draw them yourself on another
                               sheet of paper.
                                                                  Jacques LeCastor

Settlement Group: ____________________

              Challenge: ____________________________
                                          Fact #1

                                         Fact #2

                                         Fact #3

Rubric                                                                            Activity 5

                                 Drawing Conclusions
Name(s): ___________________________________               Date: ____________________

Settlement Group: __________________            Numbe r of Challenges Explored: ______

       Excellent                   Good                       Fair               Needs Improvement

Fill in the pyramid at the end of line to show your the level of success in this activity.

 The challenge(s) chosen was/were the best ones to show what life was
 like in the settlement group.

 The facts chosen to describe the challenge(s) are accurate and tell a lot
 about the challenge(s).
 The conclusion(s) made sums/sum up how the challenge(s) affected
 the settlement group.

 If a group activity: All group members were highly involved and

Student Comme nts

Things Done Well                                Things That Need Improvement

Teacher’s Comme nts

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