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									Grade 10 Test of Reading & Writing Skills:    Preparation Document
Department: English

Writing Task:             Writing a Summary
What you will do:         Read two articles and two summaries of those articles;
                          read other articles and write your own summaries of
What you will learn:      How to show that you understand writing by
                          summarizing it – taking the main points and stating
                          them in fewer words.
Terms to learn:           Summary, concise, main idea, supporting idea,
                          nonessential information, examples, connecting words.

What is a summary?        A summary is a shorter version of an original piece of
                          writing. A summary restates the most important ideas,
                          supporting details and essential information from a
                          piece of writing. The summary you write will always be
                          shorter than the piece you are summarizing. In the
                          test, you will be writing a 50-100 word summary of an
                          article that is approximately 200 words in length.

Helpful hints:
1. Underline or circle important words and ideas as you read the original text.
   This will help you decide what to include in your summary.
2. Leave out information that is not absolutely necessary (nonessential
3. Try to state the main idea (the most important point) of each paragraph in
   one sentence.
4. Combine information from two or three sentences into one sentence; use
   connecting words to join them together.
5. Only use the supporting ideas and examples that are absolutely necessary.
6. If there are several words in the original text that you can shorten to one
   word, do it.
7. If there is a quotation from someone, try to paraphrase (put it into your own
   words). For example, if the original text read:
               “This government just likes to look good in the media without
               addressing the key problems in the health care system,” Brad
               Fleuelling said yesterday.
   You could write:
               Brad Fuelling accused the government of trying to look good
               without actually solving problems.
8. Add your own words to make sentences flow smoothly, but do not state your
   own opinion or your own ideas. You must stick to just the information and
   ideas from the original text.
  Sample summary

  On this page, is an article, a summary of that article, and some comments about how the
  summary was made.

Original Text                                        Summary              Comments

Shaking Up the Local Music Scene

    After studying how to start a business in          Grade 12           Cut out details: name of
her Grade 12 economics class, Shannon                student Shannon      store, economics class.
Grant decided that she and her brother Ryan          Grant and her        Combined two
could start one themselves. In 1998, with a          younger brother      sentences into one.
Student Venture loan, they opened Few and            Ryan got a loan in
Far Between, an independent CD store, and            1998 to open a
began to revolutionize the North Bay music           CD store.
scene.                                                 The siblings       Cut out details; specific
    Shannon and Ryan are not only business           also play together   instruments, specific
partners, they are best friends and make             in their band.       competitions, specific
music together in their band, Whoopty Doo.           They play several    events.
They play the violin and piano and taught            instruments and      Combined last two
themselves how to play a guitar. These gifted        have won             sentences into one.
musicians have won awards at Kiwanis                 competitions and
competitions and performed in musical events         played in public.
such as Rockfest and Unplugged.                        They like the      Cut out details: names
    The siblings even share favourite bands          same music           of bands, and specific
and influences – Radiohead, Pearl Jam,               (alternative) and    items the store carries.
Pennywise and NOFX – so of course their              carry it in their
store specializes in alternative rarities, imports   store.
and B-sides.                                           Shannon            Cut out unnecessary
    Few and Far Between played a part in             volunteered at a     information from the first
making North Bay music history. Shannon              local punk and       sentence. Cut out the
was a volunteer with North Bay’s first annual        industrial music     name of the festival.
Summer Festivus in Lee Park in August 1998,          festival in 1998.
which showcased local bands from punk to               Shannon has        Combined four
industrial.                                          decided to apply     sentences into two. Cut
    Shannon was considering a career in              to a university      out ages and grades.
business at the beginning of the summer.             business program.
Now the 18-year-old is sure about her future.        Ryan, who is
She will apply to a university business and          younger, has time
communications program. Sixteen-year-old             to decide about
Ryan, who is entering Grade 11, still has time       his future.
to decide what to do after he graduates from
High School.

                                                     Word Count: 85
Word Count: 222
Your own summary

In the middle column, write a summary of the article below. In the right column, write your own
comments explaining how you did your summary.

Article                                   Your Summary                        Comments

Awards are “Old Hat” for this Student

       When sixteen-year-old Jamal        ____________________                ___________________
O’Connor began taking pictures of
his family members’ hats, he had no
idea what it would lead to. Now, the
                                          ____________________                ___________________
Toronto teen, a student at Wing Hill
Secondary School, has won the             ____________________                ___________________
Ontario Photography Medal for his
impressive collection of photos.          ____________________                ___________________
       “I had no idea,” O’Connor
says. “When my art teacher Mr.
Tryphonopoulos said he wanted me          ____________________                ___________________
to enter the competition, I just
thought he was being nice.”               ____________________                ___________________
       But Mike Tryphonopoulos,
Jamal’s art teacher, says he always
had confidence in Jamal. “The
                                          ____________________                ___________________
photographs were some of the best I
had ever seen,” he says. “And there       ____________________                ___________________
were so many of them. I knew
Jamal had a chance of winning.”           ____________________                ___________________
       So what had started out as a
project for school, in which students
were to photograph things that were       ____________________                ___________________
related to their family history, ended
up winning Jamal O’Connor $2000           ____________________                ___________________
worth of camera equipment from
contest sponsor Givney’s
Photography Supplies.
                                          ____________________                ___________________
       Jamal credits his subjects with
some of his success. He                   ____________________                ___________________
photographed hats that
grandparents wore in civil rights         ____________________                ___________________
marches in the sixties. His mother
even found some old pictures of his
grandparents wearing the hats, one        ____________________                ___________________
with his grandmother in handcuffs
kissing his grandfather as she was        ____________________                ___________________
being led away by the police.
       “That was the best part about
this whole thing,” says Jamal. “Not
                                          ____________________                ___________________
the award or the camera equipment,
but learning about my grandparents,       ____________________                ___________________
and how they stood up for their
rights.”                                  Word Count: _________

Word Count: 236
Your own summary

In the middle column, write a summary of the article below. In the right column, write your own comments
explaining how you did your summary.
                                 Your Summary                                      Comments
A Picture of Starvation
By Alan Findlay
Toronto Sun, February 27,
                                    ____________________________                __________________
     The Social Worker
assigned to Jordan Heikamp’s        ____________________________                __________________
child welfare file was shown
training photos of a severely
malnourished child four             ____________________________                __________________
months before Jordan slowly
starved to death.
     The stark photos of an
                                    ____________________________                __________________
emaciated young child shown
to a coroner’s inquest jury         ____________________________                __________________
were less severe than pictures
of Jordan’s wasted frame
taken after he died at five         ____________________________                __________________
weeks of age.
     Catholic Children’s Aid
society trainer Jennie
                                    ____________________________                __________________
Campbell testified yesterday
that the photos were shown to       ____________________________                __________________
Jordan’s caseworker, Angie
Martin, in February 1997 as an
aide for detecting children         ____________________________                __________________
exhibiting a so-called “failure
to thrive.” The child in the
photos recovered.
                                    ____________________________                __________________
     Jordan died of chronic
starvation on June 23 that year     ____________________________                __________________
while he and his mother were
living at a shelter for abused
women.                              ____________________________                __________________
     However, according to a
review of Jordan’s case co-
written by Campbell, the
                                    ____________________________                __________________
CCAS’s assessment of Jordan
– CCAS did not consider him a       ____________________________                __________________
high risk, jurors heard – hinged
on the mistaken belief (later
echoed in the official report)      ____________________________                __________________
that the Anduhyaun shelter
where he and his mom lived
was a pregnancy home.
                                    ____________________________                __________________
     “The most significant factor
in the society’s management         ____________________________                __________________
of this case was mother’s
decision to move to “A”
(Anduhyaun) Pregnancy               ____________________________                __________________
Home,” Campbell’s report
     “If I were working with this
                                    ____________________________                __________________
mother, then, yes, I would
have classified it as high risk,”   ____________________________                __________________
Campbell said.

Word Count: 216
                                    Word Count: _________
Your own summary

In the middle column, write a summary of the article below. In the right column, write your own comments
explaining how you did your summary.
Article                          Your Summary                                      Comments
Men, Women poles apart on
health matters: Study
Vanessa Lu
Toronto Star, April 27, 2001        ____________________________                ___________________
     When it comes to health
matters, men and women really       ____________________________                ___________________
are different.
     Canadian women
experience more illness, stress     ____________________________                ___________________
and disability than men, but live
longer, says a new report by
Statistics Canada and the           ____________________________                ___________________
Canadian Institute for Health
Information.                        ____________________________                ___________________
     Women are more conscious
of weight and nutrition and
more likely to be interested in     ____________________________                ___________________
illness prevention.
     Men tend to drink and
smoke more, and are more            ____________________________                ___________________
likely to be overweight. But
they are more likely to exercise.   ____________________________                ___________________
     “We knew there were
differences. This is the first
report to show them on such a       ____________________________                ___________________
global scale,” said Kathryn
Wilkins, one of the authors of
The Health Divide: How the          ____________________________                ___________________
Sexes Differ, released
yesterday. “We were more            ____________________________                ___________________
interested in the consequences
than in the root causes of the
differences.”                       ____________________________                ___________________
     Researchers found, for
example, that the impact of
stress can be a clear               ____________________________                ___________________
determinant of health. People
who experienced high stress in      ____________________________                ___________________
1994-95 were more likely to be
diagnosed, by 1998-99, with
chronic conditions such as          ____________________________                ___________________
migraines, ulcers and arthritis.
     One surprising finding is a
narrowed gap in life expectancy     ____________________________                ___________________
between men and women. The
gap was widest in 1981, when        ____________________________                ___________________
females lived on average 7.1
years longer than men.
     By 1997, female life           ____________________________                ___________________
expectancy had risen to 81.4
years, compared with 75.8
years for men, a gap of 5.6         ____________________________                ___________________

Word Count: 218                     Word Count: _________
Summary Quiz

In the column to the right, write a summary of the following article. Attempt in your summary
to keep all important details, and cut out the insignificant ones.

Fair will mark Walkerton
Kate Harris, Toronto Star, May
2, 2001                                       __________________________________________
     An environmental fair will mark the
anniversary of the tainted water
tragedy that left seven dead in
Walkerton.                                    __________________________________________
     And, in a separate project, about
200 volunteers are expected to turn           __________________________________________
out on Saturday to help plant a
memorial garden that will be a
permanent tribute to those who died in        __________________________________________
last May’s contamination of the
community’s water supply.                     __________________________________________
     About 20 environmental groups
from Bruce and Grey counties have
joined in organizing the environmental
fair, to be held May 20 at Sacred
Heart high school, said Bruce                 __________________________________________
Davidson of the Concerned Walkerton
Citizens group.                               __________________________________________
     Davidson said May 20 was
chosen because it’s the Sunday of the
Victoria Day weekend – the day the            __________________________________________
Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound Health unit
imposed a boil-water advisory. Last           __________________________________________
year, the Sunday fell on May 21.
     A total of 2300 residents and a
few visitors fell ill with terrible stomach
cramps and bloody diarrhea, the result
of contamination of the drinking water        __________________________________________
by a virulent form of the E.coli
bacterium, as well as several other           __________________________________________
bacteria and parasites.
     “There were two strong emotions
coming from our group: One, that the          __________________________________________
day should not pass without
commemoration; two, that the way we           __________________________________________
are living is just not sustainable,”
Davidson said.
     Thus, there will be a religious and
spiritual aspect to the day, as well as
speakers and displays on
environmental themes.
                                              Word Count: __________

    Word Count: 221
Summary Quiz

In the column to the right, write a summary of the following article. Attempt in your summary
to keep all important details, and cut out the insignificant ones.

Inquest called into woman’s
Allison Taylor, Toronto Star,
May 8, 2001
      The Ontario coroner has called an
inquest into the death of Mary Louise Lent     __________________________________________
after a disturbed passenger grabbed the
wheel of the Greyhound bus she was
traveling on, sending it 26 metres down an     __________________________________________
      Of the 32 people on the bus, Lent was
the only one to die when the bus went off      __________________________________________
the Trans-Canada Highway near Upsala,
100 kilometres west of Thunder Bay, on         __________________________________________
Dec. 23.
      Lent, a 74-year-old London woman,
smashed into a mounted TV monitor in the       __________________________________________
bus, ripping off the skin and crushing the
bones on her face.
      She was airlifted to Thunder Bay         __________________________________________
Regional Hospital. On Feb. 7, after six
weeks in hospital, she died.                   __________________________________________
      In this case, it wasn’t mandatory that
the province hold an inquest into Lent’s
death.                                         __________________________________________
      But “it is felt that there are some
issued here that the jury could examine
and perhaps make some                          __________________________________________
recommendations to prevent a similar
incident,” said Dr. Bonita Porter, deputy      __________________________________________
chief coroner of inquests.
      The inquest will look into issues
involving management of people who have        __________________________________________
mental health problems and use public
transit, Porter said. It will focus on the
safety of vehicle operators and                __________________________________________
passengers, as well as the role of police in
this case.                                     __________________________________________
      A passenger said the OPP escorted a
man on to the bus at a stop in Ignace, Ont.
The SIU subsequently cleared the OPP           __________________________________________
officer of any criminal liability.
      An inquest date won’t be announced
until all criminal proceedings have been       __________________________________________

    Word Count: 245                            Word Count: __________
Summary Quiz

In the column to the right, write a summary of the following article. Attempt in your summary
to keep all important details, and cut out the insignificant ones.

Schools set for expelled
Richard Brennan, Toronto Star,
May 24, 2001                                    __________________________________________
      The Ontario government is preparing
to open seven last-chance schools for           __________________________________________
students expelled from the regular
education system.
      The tab to taxpayers will run $16         __________________________________________
million over the next two years on a kind of
final-chance education program for about        __________________________________________
300 expelled students.
      The program kicks off in September.
      Education Minister Janet Ecker            __________________________________________
yesterday identified seven strict discipline
pilot projects, almost all of them in south-
central Ontario, where expelled students        __________________________________________
will be sent to either shape up or kiss
school goodbye.                                 __________________________________________
      “Our good teachers can’t teach and
our students can’t learn when their
classrooms are subjected to seriously           __________________________________________
disruptive behaviour,” Ecker told reporters
in explaining the need for these new
schools, which are to be operated by not-       __________________________________________
for-profit groups.
      Ecker said the pilot program was          __________________________________________
made necessary because of the Safe
Schools Act passed last year that sets out
mandatory expulsion for serious                 __________________________________________
infractions such as carrying weapons or
dealing drugs in schools.
      She said where expelled students          __________________________________________
used to bounce from school board to
school board or simply booted out for god,      __________________________________________
these pilot schools will groom them for re-
entry into the regular system by offering
programs like anger management.                 __________________________________________
      “Starting this fall, fully expelled
students will be able to earn their way
back into a regular classroom by                __________________________________________
completing successfully a strict discipline
program or an equivalent program,” she          __________________________________________
told a press conference in Brampton.
      Ecker noted that all school boards will
be required to have in place this fall          __________________________________________
programs for expelled students wishing to
get back into the system.

                                                Word Count: __________
    Word Count: 253
Summary Quiz

In the column to the right, write a summary of the following article. Attempt in your summary
to keep all important details, and cut out the insignificant ones.

Student Fights Big Businesss

     When Aishaa Harrow, a grade twelve          ________________________________________
student at Biltmore High School in West
York got sick from some meatloaf no one          ________________________________________
knew the experience would lead her.
     “I just bought the meatloaf like everyone
else,” says Harrow, recalling the event          ________________________________________
almost a year later. “I remember having a
seat in the caf, next to my friends, then –      ________________________________________
bang! Nothing.”
     What had happened was an allergic
reaction. The meatloaf, it turned out,           ________________________________________
contained a genetically modified form of corn
that was not supposed to be fed to humans.       ________________________________________
Somehow, manufacturer Sponsanto had
allowed this corn, designed for feeding to
livestock, to get mixed in with the corn being   ________________________________________
sent to the school’s cafeteria.
     Harrow was rushed to the hospital and,      ________________________________________
after getting her stomach pumped,
recovered quickly, but when she found out
how she had become ill, she decided that         ________________________________________
she ought to change things.
     “I learned that by law they don’t even      ________________________________________
have to tell you they’re using genetically
modified organisms in food,” says Harrow.
“So I decided if I couldn’t change the law, at   ________________________________________
least I could change things for my school.”
     Harrow spent the next few months            ________________________________________
researching GMOs (genetically modified
organisms), and petitioning her school’s
parent council to ban them.                      ________________________________________
     In January of this year, she
succeeded. The parent council decided to         ________________________________________
ask the school’s caterer to stop using
GMOs in the food sold to students.
     “She made a good case,” says Rufus          ________________________________________
T. Ledbetter, chair of the parent council.
“She showed us that those GMOs just              ________________________________________
haven’t been tested enough. And if the
government won’t make laws to protect
us, then it’s our job to protect our kids.”


    Word Count: 272
                                                 Word Count: __________

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