The Best Italian Pasta Books

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					The Best Italian Pasta Books
A good English language pasta book is hard to find. Sounds silly doesn't
it, after all there are so many of them on the market.
Ten years of living in Italy and being married to a wonderful Italian
chef (also a great lady) has helped me to realize that most of the pasta
cook books on the market are not at all "authentic."
The pasta dishes in Italy are just so wonderful and so varied but so few
cook books reflect this. Something is always missing or the recipes have
been changed greatly from the real Italian original. To illustrate my
point, did you know the Pasta Alfredo does not even exist in Italy and
neither does deep pan pizza.
Well getting back on track, my wife and I have kind of developed a pet
project. We have vetted a whole bunch of books to find those that truly
capture the real Italian cuisine. Many of these books reflect Italian
cooking in general (see the link at the bottom of the page for details)
and not just pasta. But when it comes to great English language books
exclusively about pasta there is one that all pasta lovers should have
handy in the kitchen. No doubt you already have it if you love cooking
pasta, it is a real classic. The book is: Everyday Pasta.
Very well written and presented, our edition of this book is so well used
that it is now very dog-eared. The recipes are ideal for that quick
dinner or light lunch. They are easy to follow, very simple and yet they
are really delicious. Some are very slightly changed from the original
Italian recipes but most are 100% authentic. I love the Capellini
Piemontese and the Fried Zucchini but there are many many more great
Everyday Pasta will sort you out with a good deal of pasta recipes but
there is so much more to Italian cooking and my next article will be
about a really special book with hundreds of quite magnificent recipes.
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