Adam Chaleff Freudenthaler TDSB Trustee St Paul s – Ward 11 by coopmike48


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									Elect Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler TDSB Trustee, St. Paul's – Ward 11

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       Dear Neighbour,

       We need to move from the Toronto District School Board’s tired, old “can’t do”
       attitude to a “can do” attitude.

       The old way of doing things has been for trustees to threaten school and pool
       closures when money is tight. In the worst cases trustees actually follow through on
       those threats, as they recently did in closing Arlington Middle School. That’s the
       “can’t do” attitude.

       I’ve modeled “can do” for all to see.

       Just look at the Winona school pool. When the school board threatened to close this
       St. Paul’s pool, I took a leadership role in the community effort to keep the pool
       open as vice-chair of the St. Clair West Aquatics Club. We worked with our
       neighbours to create a sustainable financial model that for the first time in decades[10/16/2010 8:58:16 AM]
Elect Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler TDSB Trustee, St. Paul's – Ward 11

       opened up that pool for community use on evenings, weekends and over the

       That’s not all.

       As a director of the Toronto Public Library Board, I’ve played a leadership role in
       passing balanced budgets that enhance our local library branches and add more
       open hours without increasing costs thanks to technological innovation. And as
       president of Wychwood Open Door, a local drop-in serving homeless and socially
       isolated people, I have doubled that organization’s budget by leveraging money
       from private foundations with public funding.

       That’s why “can do” isn’t empty rhetoric.

       Having grown up and attended school in St. Paul’s, I am deeply committed to our
       community and hope you will support my candidacy with your vote on October 25.


       Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler

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