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									Why Do People Still Have Landlines?
Cell phones only seem to be becoming more and more popular, prompting the
question: "Why do people still have landlines anyway?" After all, cell
phones usually make it easier to contact people, in a number of ways,
such as mobility and long distance rates. There are a number of answers
to this question, but the largest lie in the realms of security and
online capability.
One of the biggest reasons a lot of people still have landlines, in
addition to simple tradition, is because of the security concerns
associated with cell phones. Because cell phones are wireless, and use
satellites to communicate, this means that theoretically anyone could on
the right frequency could listen into your conversation. While this is
not a common problem, it is a major concern.
Another issue, of course, is the internet. When most people first got the
internet, they did so by dialing up through the land line. Today, this
option is so ubiquitous that it is next to free, but you can also get
high speed internet through the phone line. In fact, a lot of high speed
internet connections require a land line in order for you to get the
fastest speed and best rates available.
One of the major arguments against having a land line in the age of cell
phones is the fact that published landline numbers are those most
harassed by telemarketers and other unsolicited callers. While this is
somewhat true, you do not have to be a victim. After all, with a landline
with caller ID, who owns a phone number is never a great mystery. You can
search this number on the internet to find out more about its owner and
other relevant information that may help you take further action against
unwanted calls.
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