Cell Phones Vs Landlines - The Pros and Cons of Both

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					Cell Phones Vs Landlines - The Pro's and Con's of Both
With the mobility, ease, and number of plans available with most cell
phones, many people regard land lines as an outdated service. In reality,
however, land lines have some advantages over cell phones. While cell
phones are perhaps more easily available, and often cheaper after the
initial phone purchase, land lines are more secure and can offer you more
detailed information about unknown numbers. For any additional
information you need to find out, you can always search a phone number
Cell phones have a lot of advantages. They're small, so they can be
carried with you everywhere, which means that there is no more wishing
you had a way to contact someone; assuming you both have a cell phone,
you can theoretically stay connected twenty-four hours a day. If for some
reason you miss a call, most cell phones have a limited caller ID
function. They are also very economical and very rarely charge for long
distance. Of course, one major downside to cell phones comes in how small
and fragile they really are. When it comes down to it, it is really quite
easy to destroy a cell phone.
Cell phones have another disadvantage, which is that because they are
wireless, any one on the right frequency can listen in on a conversation.
While for the most part this is not a concern, there are some phone calls
involving private information that practically require a land line in
order to feel comfortable. Land line owners also have the option of
purchasing a full caller ID, which provides the name and location of a
number as well as listing the number itself.
Of course, both cell phone and land line users may find themselves
frustrated with the technology, but there are some resources that can
help make this seem less problematic. Specifically, there are a number of
services that allow you to search a phone number
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