Symptoms and Cures for Vaginal Yeast Infection – Easy but Very Effective Treatment Options (DOC) by DouglasKing22


									Symptoms and Cures for Vaginal Yeast
Infection - Easy but Very Effective Treatment

Among all types of yeast infection, Candidiasis is
known to be by far the most popular form of yeast
infection that plagues the human society. Candidiasis
is known to have 20 known species, the most popular
being candida albicans. Under a perfect dumpy and
moist condition, candidiasis can multiply so fast that
they can cause infection. Although its popular
symptoms can be seen more commonly in women, it
is also known to infect men and even babies. The
human skin usually offers direct inhibition to yeast,
but a broken or moist area in the body can give the
fungi microbe a suitable location to penetrate and

Symptoms and Cures for Vaginal Yeast Infection

• In women with candidiasis or yeast infection, the
most commonly seen symptom is the leaking of a
white cheesy discharge that is characterized by a very
powerful itch in their vagina. It can also cause
irritation, swelling, and inflammation of the vagina.
When having sex, noticeable pain can be
experienced, albeit only occasionally.

• In adults and infants its symptoms include the
- Formation of white lacy patches that are thick. They
can form on the tongue, mouth, or palate.
- On the skin, it will appear as red itchy patches.
Sometimes it can also appear as a red flat rash that
features a sharp scalloped edge.

Symptoms and Cures for Vaginal Yeast Infection

• There is a wide array of available treatments for
yeast infection. These options include oral tablets,
creams, ointments, suppositories, and lozenges. But
most doctors prescribe antifungal medications as
yeast infection belongs to this category.

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