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									Vedic Book Teachings of the Mantras
In many vedic books individuals can learn about the mantra teachings of
the past, which are a variety of chants or hymns that are recognized in
the ancient traditions and beliefs. Understand the chanting of these
ancient mantras, which are often thought of as a primordial language, can
help the individual understand these ancient teachings better.
Many of these mantras consist of single syllable words that may have
several different meanings depending on how they are used. Many ancient
mantras were designed by the language of bija, which is also considered
to be the root language of many vedic literatures of the past. Mantra
knowledge will help individuals understand the inner meaning of these
chants and hymns.
To begin with there are five main mantra words in each chant or hymn with
the first being OM. The majority of every mantra will begin and end with
OM, which affirms and helps energizes every thing that is being said
after it. The word OM is thought to create a type of energy that will
rise upward and that can cause the elements of fire, air, and ether to
increase and expand. OM is also thought to give grace, protection, and
strength with a guiding power as well.
The next four main mantra words are also know as the four Goddesses,
which reign over heat, delight, magnetic force, and electrical force. The
major mantra of the Great Goddesses and Rulers of the world was known as
HRIM and is known for her great creativity and powers of healing. She
rules over magnetic energy and the power within the soul. She was thought
to be alluring and charming, but at the same time purifying. In mantras,
this term means the sun or illumination in respects to helping increase
aspirations in individuals are they seek out truth and wisdom. HRIM is
thought to help open the heart of individuals.
The great Goddess of energy and transformation was Kali and this is where
the mantra word KRIM originates. KRIM rules over lightning and electrical
energy and is thought to awaken the subtle body as it purifies. KRIM is
also thought to have the ability to destroy any signs of ignorance as it
releases th absolute truth in life. HUM is the mantra word that stands
for an inner fire or force, which is necessary to destroy any type of
negativity as it creates vitality and passion within an individual and
their life. HUM can be a very powerful mantra, but at the same time it
can be used in a more gentle manner. HUM comes from fire and is often
used in mantras when making offerings upon a sacred fire while it can
also be used to make a flame brighter as well. It represents a hidden
soul within the body as it rules the body.
The mantra word meaning love, beauty, and devotion is SHRIM, which is
related to the Goddess of Beauty, Lakshmi. SHRIM is thought to assist in
giving individuals the good things in life such as health. It allows us
to take refuge, surrender, or become immersed within the mantras to
enable us to gain the full power of their beauty and delight. It is
thought to aid in fertility and rejuvenation as well as promote health
while giving love, joy, bliss, beauty, and delight. SHRIM rules over the
mind as it purifies through various areas in nature.
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