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									Luxuriously Sexy Gwen Stefani
Voted one of People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People of 2004, Gwendolyn
Renee Stefani is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer and an occasional
actress. Born on October 3, 1969, she was raised by her parents Dennis
and Patti in Fullerton, California and grew up along with her two
brothers and sister. Her brother Eric formed the band No Doubt together
with friend John Spence in 1987. Gwen joined as a co-singer together with
Tony Canal. They dated and became steady until they break-up. That came
the song Don't Speak in memory of their seven-years relationship.
Eventually after Eric left the band to pursue his career as a cartoonist
and Spence's suicide, she step a notch higher from being a co-singer to
the lead singer. Their album Tragic Kingdom made its mark for success as
this went on to Billboard Number one charts and accumulate two Grammy
nominations for the group. In 2000, the band released their less popular
album, Return of Saturn. The song's lyrics are based on her on-the-rocks
relationship to then Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale. This album received
good feedbacks from the audience as two of it's singles Hey Baby and
Underneath it all received Grammy awards.
She even did collaborations various artist like Moby (South Side), and
Eve (Let me Blow Ya Mind). The song "Let me blow your Mind" won Grammy
Award's Best Rap/Sung collaboration. In 2004, she decided to release her
first solo album via Love, Music, Angel, Baby. This album tackles about
her love life, music as her profession, and her baby which she considers
as her angel.
Nominated for Album of the Year at 2005 Grammy Awards, this album also
bagged 5 hit singles in charts all over the world including Cool, Crash,
Luxurious, Rich Girl and What you're Waiting for. She also set a trend in
using equally gorgeous and equally hot Japanese girls as her back-ups
dancers that she later called Harajuku girls. Her single first single
What you're Waiting for was nominated Song of the Year from different
award-giving bodies. Apart from that, she did a cover song from a 1990
British pop song If I were a Rich Man which used in the musical Fiddler
on the Roof, entitled Rich Girl which is her second collaboration with
Aside from her top hit singles, she is also known for her distinct taste
in fashion. She is known for her red hot lipstick and also into midriffs
and short skirts to expose her sexy legs. Being a natural brunette, she
sometime change her hair color from pink to blue and use wigs of
different styles and colors. She also adopted Japanese fashion with high-
knee socks and miniskirts topped with marine-collared blouses. That way
of clothing makes her a hot rock diva even if some of fashion critics
despise the way she dresses.
Another interesting facet in her career is her marriage to Gavin
Rossdale. They met in December 1995 in a No Doubt concert and keep their
relationship in the eyes of media to avoid controversy. They got married
twice, one in 2002 at St. Paul's Church in London and the second in Los
Angeles two weeks later. They got a son named Kingston James McGregor and
Rossdale's illegitimate daughter Daisy. Their marriage surpass the odds
and keep their relationship for keeps.
This one sexy mama can act, her interest in film drive her to audition
for Mr. & Mrs. Smith but her debut performance is by playing Jean Harlow
in the critically acclaimed film The Aviatorwith Leonardo di Caprio. She
also dubbed her voice for a PS2 and Xbox video game Malice. She has also
her own clothing line that she called L.A.M.B. which is taken from her
first solo album. As of this date, she already released her own perfume
What makes her at our one hot sexy celebrity list is her natural self
being expressed through her music and fashion. Only few celebrities can
do that, being able to connect with their audience and to transmit her
message effectively. Whenever she appears on screen or perform at stage,
you will always see that glint of anticipation and admiration in the eyes
of spectators. Along with her sexy disposition as a performer and her
interesting personality really brings forth the success in her endeavors.
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