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                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   Wednesday 14 May 2008

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                   On Friday May 16 the TOTAL petrol station in Hoole, Chester will be targeted by groups of
                   local human rights activists. The protest is part of an international day of action to highlight
                   that TOTAL is in business with the dictators that rule Burma. The protests coincide with the
                   company’s shareholder meeting in Paris. Protests are planned worldwide with organisers                               Base your
                                                                                                                                     quotes on what
                   expecting at least 50 TOTAL garages to be disrupted.                                                              is written here
                                                                                                                                     but please edit
                   Joe Bloggs from the Chester Human Rights committee said, “We are protesting because the                              and adapt
                   world must know that TOTAL are funding the repression of the Burmese people. We were all
                   appalled at the brutal way the army put down the peaceful uprising last year and when we
                   learnt that TOTAL helps pay for the bullets that were used to fire on the crowds we knew we
                   had to take to take action”. Cheryl Buxton of Chester, said: "By taking a stand I feel I can
                   contribute to raising awareness of TOTAL’s investment in Burma. It is so empowering to see
                   an empty forecourt and to see that the people of Chester are no longer willing to give their
                   money to a company that funds the Burmese junta."

                   The day of worldwide protest will highlight TOTAL’s role in funding the repression in Burma.
                   Johnny Chatterton from the Burma Campaign UK said “On May 16 we will send a clear
                   message to TOTAL’s shareholders – if your company stays in Burma we will make sure the
                   world knows that you are funding repression, this is just the beginning, we will campaign hard,
                   we will disrupt your business across Europe.” He continued, “It is unacceptable that a major
                   European company totally ignores human rights. Our message is simple, TOTAL is profiting
                   from the suffering of the Burmese people, they must pull out”.

                   Natural gas is now Burma's largest single source of export revenue, in 2006 it was reported
                   the regime received $2.06 billion from the sector. Despite having no external enemies
                   Burma’s dictators spend 50% of their budget on the military. TOTAL’s operations in Burma
                   are in partnership with the state owned Myanmar Oil and gas Enterprise (MOGE) and
                   Chevron, however TOTAL is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project.
                   According to Burma's opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi
                   who has been under house arrest in Burma for over 12 years: “TOTAL is the biggest
                   supporter of the military regime in Burma.”                                Insert your protest details

                   Editors Note:
                   Protest details: The protest will begin at 10AM on May 16 at the TOTAL garage located at
  Insert the       123 Oil Street.
   details of                                                                          The press loves photos; the earlier in the
  someone          There will be a photo opportunity at 10:30.                         day you can have a photo opportunity the
    who is         For more information contact Imran on 01234456 or                better (for print deadlines)
   happy to
  talk to the
  press and
    will be        The TOTALitarian Oil coalition comprises over 50 organisations across 18 countries; it was
 available to
answer their       launched in 2005 by the Burma Campaign UK. The coalition aims to:
  phones in        1. Force the company to withdraw from Burma, in order to end the company’s support for
the run up to
 the protest           the regime.
                   2. Deter future foreign investment in Burma thereby cutting revenue to the regime.
                   3. Open the way to a French foreign policy that no longer undermines Burma’s pro-
                       democracy movement.
                   For more details on the coalition please consult

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