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									Resident Evil
Resident Evil is the game that defined the Survival Horror genre, though
it was not the one that started it, it refined on what it's predecessors
had created and made it into something grand. The basic idea in Resident
Evil is you are put against overwhelming odds, facing terrible monsters
with almost nothing to defend yourself with. Sound like any fun to you?
Then read on...

Almost a decade has passed since Resident Evil was first released on the
PSOne, or just Playstation at that time. Back then the graphics were
nothing short of fantastic. The pre-rendered backdrops were something
straight out of a movie as well as the character and enemy models. Surely
the game's shock value would not have been as great as it was if it had
not looked as good.

Resident Evil's music and sound effects department was in order. The
musics do a great job of setting up a great horror-like atmosphere. All
of the sound effects, from weapons to enemies are also well done, the
shotgun blasts like it ought to and the zombies moan in their rightful
way. Resident Evil also features voice acting which is the game's weakest
link. Characters that speak make it easier to identify with the cast but
with the quality of the spoken dialogue in Resident Evil really makes you
wonder "What the heck was Capcom thinking?". Not only is the dialogue
clumsy, badly written and cheesy it's also really badly acted by whoever
spoke it. Luckily there isn't much of it. What the game does better than
any game out there is give you these Boo!- type scares which is creates
by suddenly throwing an enemy at you from an unexpected place and at the
same time playing an intense, panicky music. This is one of the things
that makes Resident Evil an unforgettable experience.

In Resident Evil, you play as a member of the S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics
And Rescue Service) Alpha Team, a specialist group within the Raccon City
Police Department, sent in to the Raccoon Mountains to investigate the
sudden disappearance of their fellow Bravo Team. After a series of events
the Alpha team is forced to look shelter within a mansion, in which the
gameplay takes place. Resident Evil opens up it's plot in the forms of
scattered memos and letters of the inhabitants of the mansion. The plot
has it all, it has a little bit of drama, betrayal and maybe even a
slight amount of love in it, but mostly it revolves around science
fiction and horror. It is stereotypical in a way but the way Resident
Evil delivers it just makes up for it. The story really supports the
great gameplay of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is the game that started it all and is pretty much
unequaled by any other survival horror game out there and definitely a
game that everyone should even try even if survival horror games aren't
your thing. Capcom also noticed this and by this day Resident Evil has
spawned numerous sequels and side-games and even a Remake of this
original. This is the game that started it all and the game that defined
survival horror. Any self-respecting gamer should have a go with this and
enjoy the finest piece of survival horror gaming.
John Temp is a newswriter at Resident Evil Horror.

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