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The PHP generally stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is nothing but a
server side scripting language that permits the web developers to
generate dynamic content to interrelate with the database. PHP is a
scripting language just like the Active Server Pages. PHP is mainly made
use for generating web based software application. PHP gives a healthy
strong support to quite a large number of databases like Oracle, Sybase,
Solid,MySQL, Informix, and Generic Open DataBase Connectivity. PHP is a
free of charge to download and use. PHP could be written as scripts that
exist on the server and it could generate HTML output inorder to download
the web browser.
On the other hand PHP can be embedded and routed in HTML pages which are
then saved with an extension of .php. Next the PHP sector of the pages
are then parsed on the server by the PHP engine and then the PHP code is
removed out early before the pages are download to the web browser. As
PHP is embedded with tags the creator could move about between HTML and
PHP inspite of making use of a hefty number of codes. Since PHP is
carried out and accomplished on the server, the codes are not visualized
to the spectators. The very same task could be carried out and achieved
in PHP as a CGI program and it is well-matched with several different
kinds of databases.
When discussing about the PHP file, the file has the ability to hold
text, scripts and HTML tags. Generally the PHP files have a file
extension of “.phtml”, “.php” and “.php3”. Normally the PHP files are
returned back to the browsers as a simple HTML code. Above all PHP acts
as a filter. The PHP program captures the input from the file or a stream
enclosing texts and also some particular information directives and
outputs the other stream of data for the view. From PHP 4, the PHP parser
compiles the input to generate byte codes for dealing by the Zend Engine
for presenting a superior presentation over its interpreter predecessor.
The Zend Engine II is the central part of PHP5. Scripting language is
used to build interactivity of database and also to generate dynamic
content on the Web which is frequently used with MySQL.
PHP is quite easy to understand and learn. PHP has the capability to run
on several platforms and also it runs more effectively on the serve r
side. PHP is well-suited with all servers like IIS and Apache which are
used these days. PHP never charges to download. It is easily downloaded
from the official PHP resource. Scripting language and interpreter is
obtained freely and it is mainly used on Linux Web servers. PHP is just a
substitution of ASP technology. PHP is a healthy and a good programming
language which is akin to ASP and the only difference is that it runs on
UNIX servers instead of Windows based servers. It is made use of linking
a database and also to generate all kinds of web applications like
altering content, calendars, e-commerce and product catalogs.
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