How to Delete Browser Files and History

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					How to Delete Browser Files and History
It's seems like today, deleting browser files and browsing history is
very common practice. It makes sense to clean up your browsing history
whether you're looking at R-rated material or not.
If you're not on the bandwagon of deleting your browser history here is a
good tutorial for you.
Deleting Browser Files and History
Different internet browsers have different ways to delete browser cache
files, which is also known as "clearing" the browser's cache.
Here is a quick run down on how to delete browser cache files on today's
popular internet browsers:
Mac OS X Browsers
1. Choose Firefox -> Preferences
2. Choose the Advanced Icon
3. Choose the Network tab
4. Click Clear Now under the Cache heading.
1. Choose Safari -> Empty Cache
Alternatively you can "reset" Safari to erase all of its history
1. Choose Safari -> Reset Safari
Also, if you want to keep browsing private next time your are surfing,
you can turn on private browsing in Safari:
1. Choose Safari -> Private Browsing
Windows Browsers
Internet Explorer:
1. Choose Tools -> Internet Options2. Choose the General tab3. Click
Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files4. Check Delete all offline
content5. Select OK
1. Choose Tools -> Options2. Choose the Privacy Icon3. Choose the Cache
tab4. Click Clear Cache Now
There you have it. Your internet cache should be clear and clean! All
Not so fast
But did you know that just because you delete your browser files doesn't
mean they're not recoverable (and therefore visible) to someone who is
really checking up on you or wants to do you harm (steal your identity
There are file recovery programs that can instantly undelete files that
you thought were once long gone.
Yikes! shows a
video how practically anyone can download a small program called
Restoration to immediately recover files that you thought were deleted
through your recycle bin.
Don't worry though... the same page also reviews very simple-to-use
software programs that make it easy to permanently delete your cache and
other sensitive files, such as photos, videos and spreadsheets.
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