The Benefits of Online Learning for Corporate Training

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					The Benefits of Online Learning for Corporate Training
Online training has a number of benefits for companies who deal with the
challenges of providing effective training to their employees on an
ongoing basis. Delivering high-quality, consistent training classes and
programs to diverse populations of employees via traditional learning
methods can be very challenging for a number of reasons.
Challenges of Traditional Training in Corporate Settings

Scheduling time for a number of employees to attend instructor-lead
training sessions at a particular time can be very difficult,
particularly in smaller organizations and departments. It isn’t always
easy, or even possible to choose a time that will work for everyone who
needs to attend.
No matter how carefully training sessions are planned, it seems that
something always comes up at the last minute that keeps one or more of
the employees from being able to attend a mandatory training session.
When this happens, some of the employees get the training they need, and
others do not.
While additional training sessions can always be scheduled at a later
date, two instructor-led training sessions are never exactly the same.
Even when the same training agenda is followed, there will likely be some
inconsistency from one session to the next. When employees are going to
be held to the same performance standards, it is vital to be sure that
they all receive the same training.
Advantages of E-Learning in Corporate Training

With online training, there are benefits in terms of both scheduling
convenience. Since e-learning is designed to be delivered on-demand,
scheduling group training sessions is not an issue with this type of
employee training. Employees can participate in online training as a
group or individually, as allowed by their schedules.
With e-learning, content will remain consistent from one learner to the
next, because of the manner in which online training is developed and
delivered. The intervening variable of class composition and instructor
personality is removed from the mix with online training. For training
and human resources managers who are responsible for ensuring that all
employees have equal access to training, this advantage is priceless.
An additional advantage of e-learning is the self-paced nature of the
instruction. Those who require remediation can spend time acquiring the
skills they need without being singled out in a classroom environment as
being slower than their peers. Those with advanced skills can move
quickly through the training materials, accomplishing the training
objectives and goals at a pace that works for them.
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