Breast Cancer Awareness Debate by primusboy


									Breast Cancer Awareness Debate
Breast cancer is more known as a chronic health problem over the last 50
years. It affects every one woman out of eight during their lifetime.
When the cells develop in breast tissues it is called breast cancer.
Ductal carcinoma is common type of breast cancer, which develops in the
duct cells. Cancer of the lobes or lobules is known as lobular carcinoma
and it develops in both breasts. When breast becomes swollen, warm, and
red, it is known as inflammatory breast cancer.
Something that increases possibility of developing a disease in a person
is known as risk factor; something that decreases possibility of
developing a disease is known as protective factor. Some risk factors of
cancer are avoidable, but not all of them. For example, you may decide to
quit smoking, but how can you choose genes you have inherited. Smoking
and inheritance of genes can be a risky factor for certain kinds of
cancer, while just smoking can be quited. Increasing protective factors
and avoiding risk factors means prevention which can be managed to reduce
the chances of developing breast cancer. Breast Cancer awareness programs
can help people in knowing the risk and protective factors.
Many risk factors are avoidable, but one should always keep in mind that
avoiding risk factors does not mean that you can not get cancer. Most
people with risk factor for cancer do not suffer from the disease. Some
sensitive people are more exposed to factors that can develop cancer.
Consult with your doctor about methods of preventing cancer that might be
effective for you, or participate in a Breast Cancer awareness programs
or seminars organized by hospitals, clubs, or find out on the internet.
For more information on breast cancer and aluminium and parabens.

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