Breast Cancer and Imbalance in Life

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					Breast Cancer and Imbalance in Life
Breast cancer is a devastating experience for any women to go through.
My breast cancer was the reason for causing my life to be out of balance
on the physical level.
It is amazing how these four elements co-mingle and if we lack in one
aspect, it immediately reflects on our lives in a form of disharmony that
can appear as a form of disease or even mastectomy as a result of breast
cancer that changes the whole picture.
Picture this: Close your eyes for a moment and Imagine that you are
standing on a center of a table with four steady legs. You feel
comfortable. You feel safe. You can even spread your legs to two corners
of the table and you are still in control and feel you can keep your
Now, close your eyes again and imagine yourselves standing on a center of
a table. However, this table has one broken or crocked leg. How do you
feel now standing on that table? Do you feel safe and steady? Do you feel
out of balance? Does fear goes through your mind that you might fall,
that you would not be able to keep your balance on that table much
What happen to us when one of these aspects (physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual) of our life is in disharmony with the rest of the
elements? We feel shaky, unstable, out of balance, living in fear of the
What causes these out of balance situations and illness in our lives? The
answer to this question is simple and consists of only one word: stress.
Even the modern medicine recognizes the fact that stress is the biggest
factor in all diseases.
What are the causes for stress?
It comes from the way we perceive life, from our core being. It comes
from the attitude that we embrace to react to every event that occurs in
our life.
How do we find the balance, so we can live in harmony with all aspect of
our life?
We have to be very honest with ourselves and be able to look deep down
inside our "divine self" and be able to change our perception on life.
When I had my breast cancer it totally changed my set of beliefs and my
attitude towards life.
Channeling the energy to other elements of life that were not functioning
the way they were supposed to and gain the balance back.
To your good Health and Wealth!
Lea Yekutiel - author
Making the Breast of It:
Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Breast Cancer