NOVEMBER 1, 2006 MILLERSVILLE BOROUGH PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES The Millersville Borough Planning Commission Meeting was called to order by Chairman Gary Hess with the pledge to the flag on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the Borough Hall at 10 Colonial Avenue, Millersville Pennsylvania followed with a moment of silence. COMMITTEE MEMBERS Gary G. Hess, Chairman Michael J. Weidinger, Vice Chairman Edward R. Saylor, Secretary Linda J. Deal Brian L. Weaver OTHERS PRESENT Linda Michels, David Miller Assoc.; Murry Development Corp./Turkey Hill Minit Markets Bill Weiser, Turkey Hill Minit Markets Ellen Pollock, Penn Manor School District Jack Gardner, Borough Council Mary Ann Gerber, Borough Council Phil Lastowski, Borough Council Carolyn Ranck, Borough Council Ruth Sheetz, Millersville University Dick Moriarty, Mayor Juan & Cynthia Ferrer, 164 Oak Knoll Circle, Millersville, PA Jim Kirk, 436 Herr Avenue, Millersville, PA Andrew Kriemelmeyer, Derck & Edson; Millersville University Steve Strock, Millersville University Bernice Rydell, Millersville University Arthur Dickinson, Millersville University Ed Gower, Susquehanna Bancshares, 26 N. Cedar St., Lititz, PA 17543 Rob Visniski, RAV Associates Municipal Engineers; Millersville Borough Edward Arnold, Borough Manager MINUTES The October 4, 2006 Regular Meeting Minutes were unanimously approved with no additions or corrections from planning commission members. SECRETARY’S REPORT None. CITIZENS REQUESTS AND CONCERNS Mary Ann Gerber, President of Borough Council, mentioned that she attended the Lancaster Council Planning Commission (LCPC) regional breakfast meeting. She distributed 3 applications to commission members for the Master Planner Course. Ms. Gerber also shared that there were many reports from the various division directors in the Lancaster County Planning Commission describing the process to move forward for the county-wide plan, which is implementation of the plan. Mr. Arnold added that he was at the Lancaster County Commissioners Meeting accepting the borough park
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NOVEMBER 1, 2006 MILLERSVILLE BOROUGH PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES award in the amount of $150,000. Hopes are that DCNR will match the funds for a total of $300,000 with the borough’s direct match of only $4,000. Ms. Gerber also mentioned that a committee within the LCPC who is looking at all of the municipal comprehensive plans to see where they interface. At some point materials may be requested for review by Millersville Borough. NEW BUSINESS a. Discussion of Millersville Vision 2020

Mayor Moriarty explained that in prior years there was a formal Town/Gown process and/or meetings between the university and the borough. That process no longer exists, but within the last 12 months a more informal process was started under Ms. Gerber’s Presidency. Ms. Gerber interjected explaining that the Town/Gown meetings, as they were held in the past, became a target for folks who accused the process of violating the Sunshine Act. In 2004, Dr. McNairy, Millersville University President, asked if people new to borough government could meet with the university folks to go over the Master Plan. Both Ms. McNairy and Ms. Gerber received certified letters from Lancaster Newspapers Inc. that they were in violation of the Sunshine Act and they were about to be sued. Ms. Gerber contacted the Borough Solicitor and discovered that there are many opinions about the Sunshine Act and the Borough Solicitor’s opinion is very conservative. Ms. Gerber added that Mayor Moriarty has requested that she be more open. Ms. Gerber expressed that she is taking the advice of the Borough Solicitor and is strictly abiding by the Sunshine Act so as to not have even a technical violation having been served with certified letters. The Sunshine Act doesn’t have a lot of “legal” teeth to it but the newspapers can crucify the borough with the Sunshine Act violation. Mr. Moriarty continued to explain that in an informal discussion which took place shortly before July 2006 that the university mentioned about doing some joint planning with the borough. About 3045 days later the dialogue continued and that is where the Millersville Vision 2020 began. Ms. Gerber pointed out that there are other communities which have experienced economic growth and development; Manheim Borough, Elizabethtown Borough, etc. Most of those communities had some sort of a signature economic event. The purpose of the meetings is not to revamp the comprehensive plan. The purpose is to establish ways for the borough, university, school district and other groups to grow together as a community. Mr. Weidinger believes that the Sunshine Act is something that should be avoided. Ms. Gerber added that she feels the same way. Mr. Weidinger added that then there should not be making moves to avoid having to be covered by it. If the public is going to support the Millersville Vision 2020 plan, then it has to be a public process. Mr. Weidinger added that he believes that the Millersville Borough Council supports the public process, but he is not 100% confident that their partners (Millersville University, Penn Manor School District) support the public process. If the people in the community are going to support the plan, they must be convinced that it’s not just the borough and the university meeting and making decisions without public input like used to happen with the Town/Gown meetings. Ms. Gerber agreed. Mr. Weidinger remembers the personal sacrifices made by individuals to end those kinds of meetings. He doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with joint planning, the concept or ideas. Are there minutes of the meetings? Can anyone review the minutes? Where are the meetings held? Ms. Gerber said that the next 2 meetings will be at the School District. She does not know if minutes are taken at the meeting, however, she does agree that the process it should be public, however, the idea is only in the discussion stage.
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NOVEMBER 1, 2006 MILLERSVILLE BOROUGH PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES Ms. Deal questioned who was retained as consultants. Ms. Gerber replied that Dr. McNairy selected the paid consultants for the “Vision” plan, who charged $1,000. Mayor Moriarty suggested that each entity pay for their portion; Student Lodging, Inc. paid for their portion, Penn Manor School District paid for their portion and Mayor Moriarty and Council Member Gerber paid the borough’s portion because they were the individuals who agreed to commit the consultant for hire. Mr. Weidinger recommended that the Millersville Vision 2020 panel read the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. Ms. Gerber agreed. b. Review of Preliminary/Final Plan for Millersville University Parking Garage (N. Prince St. & W. Cottage Ave.)

Mr. Kriemelmeyer, Derck & Edson, submitted the final plan for the proposed Millersville University parking garage. The facility will contain 360 parking spaces in 2 bays; 1 ramping bay with 2 levels along the street and 1 level bay to the rear with 4 levels. A two-way entrance will be on W. Cottage Ave. and N. Prince St. The interior of the garage has 4 points for pedestrians to enter and exit. There is also a stair tower and an elevator. Due to the construction of the baseball field, there will be a proposal for accessible connections to the baseball field by means of sidewalks. Mr. Arnold stated that the ZHB decision was to grant the waiver requested from the university and that was to establish the parking space sizes at 9’x18’ and the borough ordinance calls for 10’x18’. The standard for parking spaces is 9’x18’ in most parking garages. There was a condition placed on the decision and the condition was that the borough’s engineer would be satisfied with the changes made to the intersection of N. Prince St. and W. Cottage Ave. A Weidinger/Weaver motion that the Millersville Borough Planning Commission recommend to the Millersville Borough Council approval of the request for modification of Sections 404.C & 501 of the Millersville Borough Storm Water Management Ordinance: to eliminate posting of financial security for the project subject to Millersville University agreeing to submit Record Drawings (As-Built Plans) for the proposed improvements of the Millersville University Parking Garage plan passed unanimously. b. Second Review of Turkey Hill Sketch Plan with Waivers

As a result of the Planning Commission meeting on 10/4/2006 and discussions onsite with Borough Staff and Borough Engineer, the Comet Field access drive has been revised and located on Wabank Road Extended to be across from the private drive for the 3-lot subdivision/land development project. Additional modifications and waivers of the Borough Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance have been requested. Juan Ferrer, 164 Oak Knoll Circle, Millersville, requested and was given a copy of the Turkey Hill Sketch Plan. Jim Kirk, 436 Herr Avenue, Millersville, questioned why there is no need to put curb and sidewalk in the stretch of road that has no residential properties and the need to have put curb and sidewalk in on 999 at the Mennonite Church. By ordinance, curb and sidewalk should be installed. Ms. Deal replied that if the road is rebuilt, then curbs and sidewalks must be installed. The plan does not call for the rebuilding of the road.
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NOVEMBER 1, 2006 MILLERSVILLE BOROUGH PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES Mr. Visniski, Borough Engineer, made the following recommendations for the requested modifications and waivers: 1) The modification to accept reduced cartway widths of 28’ for Wabank Rd. extended and Barbara St. in lieu of the required 34’ should only be accepted if the intersection radius is widened; 2) The modification to eliminate curb along the portion of Wabank Rd. extended south of the new Barbara St. intersection could be considered upon submission of more detailed information with the preliminary plan application; 3) The modification to eliminate a portion of sidewalk along Barbara St. should be granted with the following conditions: a) The applicant should provide sidewalk in accordance with limits determined by the Planning Commission, b) Add a note to the plan to indicate that the remaining sidewalk will be installed upon request of the Borough Council, c) Clarify the responsible party for installation of the remaining sidewalk in the future. The conditional approval is recommended by the Borough Engineer due to the nature of the site and proposed improvements. Mr. Visniski also had the following general comments for the plan: 1) Appropriate storm water management facilities will be required in the widened or newly constructed roadways; 2) The property owners along Barbara St. should be contacted to discuss impact to their driveways. Paved interal turnarounds for properties near the intersection are recommended; 3) Horizontal and vertical alignments, as well as intersection, radius returns and other design criteria for roads and intersections will be evaluated when a complete set of plans are submitted. OLD BUSINESS None. BOROUGH MANAGER Mr. Arnold explained that 37 S. Duke St. was subdivided many years ago and through a recent title search the discovery was made that the property was actually subdivided and never recorded by the County. The County has since recorded the subdivision. The owner is building a residential home on the site, has already been moving ground and must provide a storm water plan by current ordinance. This information should be forthcoming. Planning must also regulate the owners ‘cut’ into the public road. There is not a cut necessary as they are going to use the existing recessed curb for the driveway. A Saylor/Weidinger motion adjourned the meeting @ 9:30 PM. Respectfully submitted, Edward R. Saylor, Secretary EJA/lag

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