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									                                            energy and environment

                           Fleets throughout Washington
                           will test-drive plug-in hybrid
The Energy of Innovation

                           electric vehicles and send data to
                           INL for analysis.

                           plug-in hybrid demos
                           INL will help test more than 30 plug-in hybrids

                                     s plug-in hybrid           technology, and INL is             standard electrical socket. Once
                                     electric vehicles ride     providing technical support        fully commercialized, plug-in
                                     the cusp of commer-        and data analysis.                 hybrids will be able to run for
                           cialization, community leaders                                          30 miles or more on electric
                                                                Washington’s 31 test vehicles
                           across the nation are revving up                                        power alone before reverting to
                                                                represent a large fraction of
                           for field tests. Now numerous                                           conventional hybrid operation.
                                                                the 140 PHEVs that will feed
                           Washington fleets are teaming
                                                                data to INL by the end of          Preliminary demonstration
                           with private companies and the
                                                                2008 as part of DOE’s Ad-          tests reveal PHEVs use about
                           U.S. Department of Energy’s
                                                                vanced Vehicle Testing Activ-      as much electricity in a year of
                           Idaho National Laboratory to
                                                                ity. And the Washington tests      standard driving as a three-per-
                           test 31 Toyota Priuses con-
                                                                will offer a wealth of informa-    son household’s water heater
                           verted to plug-in hybrid electric
                                                                tion because the projects span     consumes in five months.
                           vehicles (PHEVs) by third-
                                                                urban and rural communities.
                           party conversion companies.                                             These PHEVs will use elec-
                                                                What are plug-in hybrid            tricity with the smallest pos-
                           More than a dozen public             electric vehicles (PHEVs)?         sible carbon footprint because
                           and private entities will            Like conventional hybrids,         more than 80 percent of Wash-
                           drive PHEVs in various fleet         PHEVs run on electricity part      ington electricity comes from
                           missions. Several private            of the time. But they use larger   carbon-neutral hydropower,
                           businesses will supply               batteries than conventional hy-    nuclear and renewables.
                           conversion and data-tracking         brids and are recharged from a     Continued next page
                                                  energy and environment

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                               What will the
                               The demonstration will test
                               technology used to convert
                               standard hybrids, monitor
                               how the cars interact with
                               the electrical grid, evaluate
                               performance in real-world
                               fleet applications and advance
                               commercialization of plug-in
                               vehicles. By using PHEVs
   For more information
                               in day-to-day business, the
                                                                     The Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity,
                                                                     conducted by Idaho National Lab, has joined with several fleets
                               participating agencies will           throughout Washington state to test plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in
Management Contact:            provide real-time, real-life          day-to-day use.

Mike Hagood                    information vital to making
208-526-5315                   plug-ins widely acceptable.
michael.hagood@inl.gov         INL data analysts will evalu-         represent a collaboration           version kits from Hymotion,
                               ate gasoline and electricity          between public and private          with support from the Green
Media Contact:                 use, average and top speeds,          entities at the local and           Car Company based in Kirk-
Nicole Stricker                miles driven and trips per            national level. INL is              land, Wash. Data will be col-
208-526-5955                   charge, and charge tim-               coordinating the demos              lected from the PHEVs using
nicole.stricker@inl.gov        ing and duration. Onboard             with private companies and          data-loggers, cellular modems
                               data-loggers will collect and         more than a dozen agencies          and GPS units from Seattle-
                               transmit the data for analysis,       representing city and               based V2Green, Inc., and
                               which will help local fleets,         county governments, port            analyzed by INL researchers.
 A U.S. Department of Energy   DOE and INL gauge PHEV                authorities, public utilities,
                                                                                                         The Washington demonstra-
     National Laboratory       potential for reducing petro-         economic and environmental
                                                                                                         tion projects typify several
                               leum use.                             agencies and others.
                                                                                                         across the nation led by INL,
                               Who is participating?                 Most cars are being converted       the lead lab for field perfor-
                               The plug-in hybrid                    to PHEVs using high-power           mance and life testing of ad-
                               demonstration projects                lithium ion batteries and con-      vanced technology vehicles.

                               Participating Organizations
                               The fleets that will drive converted cars include:
                                 •   City of Seattle, with Seattle City Light          •   Benton County Public Utility District
                                 •   Port of Seattle                                   •   Douglas County Public Utility District
                                 •   King County                                       •   Chelan County Public Works
                                 •   Puget Sound Clean Air Agency                      •   University of Washington
                                 •   Tacoma Power                                      •   Walla Walla Community College
                                 •   Port of Chelan County                             •   Wenatchee Valley College
                                 •   City of Wenatchee                                 •   Energy Northwest
                                 •   Green IT Alliance


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