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									                    SinuCleanse Kids Mist Kit

SinuCleanse® ~ Safe & Immediate Sinus Relief
Kids Mist™ ~ For Infants to 12 years Old
100% All Natural
No Preservatives
Precise Measured Doses
Includes a Three Week Supply:
Ultra-Fine Saline Mister & Three 1/2 ounce Pre-Mixed Preservative
Free Saline Solution Viles
From The Sinus Expert:
"As a practicing pediatric ear, nose and throat physician, I see
countless children with nasal drainage problems-from infants
through teens. I designed the SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™ to be safe
and effective for young children. SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™
contains no preservatives, including benzalkonium chloride. Its
design prevents backwash cintaimination of the saline solution with
germs, bacteria or viruses. A precise, pre-measured dose of ultra
fine mist is delivered with each pump, so there is no guesswork
and it works without touching the delicate inside of your child's
nose. Simply open and fill the reusable mister with the provided
reservatice free saline solution and mist your child's nose as often
as needed. It is the best way for tour child to feel better instantly,
naturally and without any medication."
-Dr. Diane C. Heately M.D.
Scientifically proven
Easy and convenient for infants to 12 years old
Medication free, preservative free
Provides immediate relief

   q   Promotes nasal and sinus drainage
   q   Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with sinusitis, cold
       and flu
   q   Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with nasal
       stuffiness, runny nose and sneezing

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