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 Coming Up in June
 22 June 2006, Trieste, CNC
                                      Annual Meeting of the CEI Ministers
 Meeting // The Committee of
 CEI National Coordinators will
                                      of Foreign Affairs
 hold its monthly meeting in
 Trieste back to back with the
 Conference on CEI Cooperation.
 22 June 2006, Trieste, CECCI
 Presidency           Preparatory
 Meeting // The presidents of the
 Chambers of Commerce of
 Albania, Bulgaria and Slovakia
 plus      representatives      of
 Unioncamere and the CEI-ES will
 meet to discuss the CECCI
 Presidency Conference and the
 Summit Economic Forum.
 23 June 2006, Trieste,
 Conference on CEI Co-opera-
 tion // Chair- and co-chairper-      The Meeting of CEI Ministers of Foreign Affairs was        and of Agriculture, the CEI Energy Forum and the CEI
 sons of all CEI Working Groups,
                                      held in Tirana on 26 May 2006 under the                    Journalists’ Forum culminating in November in the
 National Coordinators and the
 staff of the CEI Secretariats will   Chairmanship of Besnik Mustafaj, Minister of Foreign       Summit of CEI Heads of Government and the Summit
 gather for the traditional annual    Affairs of Albania. Representatives from all CEI           Economic Forum. He expressed his satisfaction on the
 CEI conference devoted to
                                      Member States and ten International Organizations          fact that the situation in South-eastern Europe was
 assessing cooperation in the
 region.                              discussed the current situation in the CEI region and      becoming increasingly more stable and more secure
 29 - 30 June 2006, Tirana,           explored possibilities for enhanced regional coopera-      and that the region was making steady progress in
 Meeting of CEI Ministers of          tion. Minister Mustafaj opened the discussion empha-       democratization and sustainable socio-economic
 Transport // The CEI Ministers of
                                      sising the full commitment of his country to the CEI       development. He considered the CEI “an operational
 Transport will meet in Tirana for
 a Conference tackling issues         Presidency. He drew attention to the various high-level    structure with efficient instruments” which permitted a
 related to the “removal of non-      Meetings to be held in Albania in the course of the        co-operation that was “both concrete and project-ori-
 physical barriers in transport”.     year, such as Meetings of the CEI Ministers of Transport   ented”.

The Tirana Meeting of CEI Ministers of Foreign Affairs adopted a Final Document. Here are some excerpts:
“In reviewing the situation in the Region, the Ministers agreed that a number of important developments were taking place whose outcome would have
a far-reaching impact for its future stability and the consolidation of democracy and market economy. This, in turn, would determine the prospects of
European integration which remained a core aspiration of most CEI Member States which so far had not been able to join the European Union… (The
Ministers) drew the attention to the fact that the CEI, in its more than sixteen years of existence, had succeeded in achieving a high degree of region-
al ownership as demonstrated by its well-functioning intergovernmental structures, the financial contributions by all its Member States to its Co-oper-
ation Fund and the commitment of those countries exercising the annually rotating CEI Presidency to the significant tasks linked to this function...
Moreover, the Ministers pointed to the fundamentally demand-driven approach which the CEI used in its funding activities whose quality and quanti-
ty had grown steadily over the past years.”

          Corridor VIII Road Experts Gather in Bari
          Top road experts from Albania,                                                                                          also on information provided by
          Bulgaria, Macedonia and Italy                                                                                           Member Countries. Among the first
          gathered in Bari in May 2006 to                                                                                         topics examined were the function-
          discuss the implementation of the                                                                                       al continuity for the road-freight
          Corridor VIII Road and Ports                                                                                            traffic between the Adriatic ports
          Network as an essential part of the                                                                                     (Bari-Brindisi-Durres-Vlore) and
          South-eastern European transna-                                                                                         the Black Sea ports of Burgas and
          tional axis. The main aim of the                                                                                        Varna, with the purpose of increas-
          meeting was to assess the state-of-                                                                                     ing accessibility to the regional
          the-art and identify priority initia-                                                                                   Balkan       Transport       Network
          tives of the current road route con-                                                                                    (Corridors X, IV and IX).
          necting the Adriatic Sea to the          Backbone of the CEI region:            Transport and National Road             The final study, to be completed by
          Black Sea.                               Technical Assessment of the Road       Agencies of Albania, Bulgaria,          autumn 2006, will include a gen-
          The gathering, hosted by Fiera del       Accessibility to the Albanian Ports    Macedonia, Italy and Turkey). The       eral assessment of the status of
          Levante and organised by Corridor        of Durres and Vlore and to the         Corridor VIII Secretariat will coor-    existing infrastructures, of projects
          VIII Technical Secretariat, was          Bulgarian Ports of Burgas and          dinate the general activities of the    and design processes, as well as
          attended by representatives of rel-      Varna”. The study, to be published     Motorways Working Group (MWG),          the identification of priorities with-
          evant Ministries of Transport, the       by the Corridor VIII Technical         while technical coordination has        in a jointly defined general coordi-
          ANAS-Italian Roads Agency, the           Secretariat and co-funded by the       been assigned to ANAS.                  nation project.
          CEI and the Bari Port Authority. It      CEI, will be executed by an interna-   During the first meeting, ANAS          The next meeting of the Corridor
          was the first of a series of meet-       tional Working Group comprising 2      presented a preliminary survey on       VIII Motorways Working Group will
          ings aimed at the development of a       high-level representatives per each    the Corridor VIII road route based      take place in Skopje, Macedonia, in
          study on “Corridor VIII as a             participating Country (Ministries of   on a recent field inspection and        mid-July 2006.

          Addressing Asymmetries of International Transport
                                                  The CEI co-finances a project on        dominating the European market. I think the Adriatic area can only
                                                  “General and Specific Economic          become a relevant world- trade channel once inland logistic terminals
                                                  Activities along Multimodal             and the transport infrastructure are both economically managed and coor-
                                                  Corridors Crossing the CEI Region”.     dinated under common standards.
                                                  On the occasion of a meeting of the
                                                                                          How do you assess the role of the Pan-European Corridor V in the
                                                  Expert Group in charge of project
                                                                                          process of the restoration of the imbalance?
                                                  implementation, its Chairman Mario
                                                                                          PINES: Corridor V (from Venice to Kiev) is an alternative to Corridor III
                                                  Pines, Professor of Banking at the
                                                                                          (from Dresden to Kiev) when it comes to opening the Adriatic natural sea-
                                                  Faculty of Economics of the
                                                                                          way to the East-West transportation routes. By implementing an axis of
                                                  University of Trieste, expressed his
                                                                                          this kind, Mediterranean ports may become competitors to the Northern
                                                  views on the preliminary findings.
                                                                                          Range and closer southern and central European routes could be opened
          What is the aim of the project?                                                 up to traffic stemming from Iran, India, China and the other Eastern Asian
          PINES: We are trying to identify the side activities – both industrial and      economies using both land and sea routes. Different instruments - a com-
          commercial – generated along inter-modal Pan-European Corridors and to          modity exchange, a registry of electronic bills of lading, a letter of credit
          promote related logistic services. These side activities could be the estab-    and adequate inland infrastructures - could foster such a goal.
          lishment of cross-border free zones, similar to the Free Port of Trieste.
                                                                                          How do you evaluate the role of the CEI in the project? Do you envis-
          Several partners such as the Port Authority of Trieste, the University of
                                                                                          age any future cooperation with this organisation?
          Rijeka, and the Odessa National Maritime University have collaborated on
                                                                                          PINES: The CEI has had a key role in the implementation of the project.
          this project, whose results we expect to publish by October 2006.
                                                                                          Thanks to its international experience and contacts it brought together
          What do you think about the position of the Adriatic area within the            international partners and helped to coordinate their activities. The CEI
          global transport market?                                                        has financially supported the participation of international experts of CEI
          PINES: The overall picture of international transport shows a remarkable        countries involved in the project. Taking a look at the future, I am sure that
          asymmetry in favour of the major Asian Ports. Regarding our continent,          the CEI is the best framework in trying to establish an appropriate work-
          the situation of the Adriatic area is a similar one since it is crowded out     ing structure to consider the asymmetric development of the European
          by the Northern Range Ports – such as Rotterdam, Hamburg or Antwerp -           trade routes and to promote in an integrated approach its harmonisation.
                                                                                                                                            n. 43 May 2006

Twenty New                                         Ninth Summit Economic Forum:
Cooperation                                        Fostering Reforms for Sustainable Growth
                                                   “It is my belief that regional co-operation is the   dedicated to “Fostering Reforms for Sustainable
Activities                                         key towards further economic development of          Growth” and will deal with issues of reform and
                                                   the Central European Region and that it provides     investment for stimulating business develop-
At the meeting held on 24-25 May in Tirana,
                                                   excellent opportunities for all the countries”.      ment in areas such as infrastructure, finance,
Albania, the Committee of CEI National
                                                   With these words Genc Ruli, Minister of              innovation for competitiveness, entrepreneur-
Coordinators approved 20 Cooperation
                                                   Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania                 ship, regional integration and trade promotion.
Activities representing a total value of
                                                   explained his country’s full support for the 9th     Formal sessions will be complemented by proj-
1,700.000 EUR, with the CEI’s contribution
                                                   CEI Summit Economic Forum to be held on 22-          ect presentations while the Round Table of the
amounting to around 150.000 EUR.
                                                   23 November 2006 in the Hotel Tirana                 CEI Ministers of the Economic Sectors will pro-
Promoting the Entrepreneurship of Women            International.                                       vide an opportunity to participants to gain rel-
“Creativity and the Spirit of Enterprise - Mos     As a matter of fact, the preparations for the        evant and up-to-date insights into each coun-
2006” is one of the Co-operation Activities        2006 edition of this CEI flagship event are          try’s economic policy.
for which CEI support was decided upon.            entering their peak phase. Organised in co-
Organised by the Slovenian Small Business          operation between the CEI Project Secretariat        SEF Registration is available at
Development Centre, it will bring together         and the Albanian CEI Presidency, the SEF will be     (Chapter 7.1.)
women entrepreneurs from the SME and
crafts sectors in the framework of the             Food Quality and Food Safety and Rural Credit
International Exhibition of Women`s Business
from CEI member countries (MOS 2006) in            Guarantee Schemes as New CEI Core Issues
Celje, Slovenia, to discuss the development of
market potential for women businesses in the
                                                   in Agriculture
transitional countries and exchange knowl-         Fourteen Member States participated in the meeting of the CEI Working Group on Agriculture which
edge and good practices.                           met at the FAO headquarters in Rome on 22 May 2006. On their agenda was the identification of
                                                   the new priority areas to be included in the CEI Plan of Action 2007-2009. They opted in favor of
Analysing Investment Regulations
The CEI is also lending its financial support to   food quality and food safety as well as rural credit guarantee schemes to replace the current core

the    project     entitled     “Streamlining      issues, namely micro-credit and wholesale markets.
Regulations and Administrative Procedures          The Working Group also analyzed the recent developments in the CEI-FAO EastAgri Network as well
for Greenfield Investment” conducted within        as in an FAO-led project on wholesale markets in Ukraine, co-financed by the CEI within its Know-
the framework of the OECD Investment
                                                   how Exchange Programme. The prospects for further CEI-FAO collaboration were considered to be
Compact. This project focuses on improving
                                                   excellent. Opportunities for future CEI activities in fields such as biotechnologies and food quality
the regulatory process in South-eastern
European countries with regard to foreign          within the forthcoming 7th Framework Programme were pointed out by the representative of the
investment, especially in the context of           European Commission, DG Research.
administrative requirements for so-called          EastAgri’s Annual Meeting 2006 was held in Berlin on 4-5 May. It is a platform for financial insti-
Greenfield investment (expansion of existing
                                                   tutions investing in agriculture and agribusiness in Central and Eastern Europe. Senior government
facilities creating new production capacity,
                                                   officials from the region, private sector executives, representatives from International Financial
jobs and transferring technology) through
case-study analysis and workshops involving        Institutions, the European Commission and development agencies attended the event sponsored by
policy recommendations and exchange of             FAO, the CEI, the EBRD, and the World Bank, and hosted by the German Corporation for Technical
experience.                                        Cooperation (GTZ). Special attention was paid to obstacles limiting the development of the agricul-
For more information on approved projects:         tural sector in Ukraine as well as on adjustments Western Balkan countries need to make in order                                     to integrate their agricultural markets into European Union markets.
                                                              Boulevard Gjergj Fishta 6, Tirana
                               Secretariat for CEI Projects
CEI - Executive Secretariat

                               Square, London, EC2A 2JN
                               Other useful CEI addresses

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                                                              CEI Presidency : Albania
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Raising Awareness on the CEI UniNet among Students
from Central and South-eastern Europe
On 30 May, the University of Trieste hosted “The Central European                    Activities for Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans (University of
Initiative Meeting”, a joint endeavour of the University of Trieste and the          Padua) and Prof. Inchingolo on the Spring School on “ICT, Economical and
CEI Executive Secretariat for promoting the CEI and its University Network           Organizational Issues for E-health Integration in the Enlarged Europe”
(CEI UniNet).                                                                        (University of Trieste). Dorian Jano (Albania), a CEI UniNet scholarship hol-
It was also an opportunity to meet hundreds of students from Central and             der of MIREES, highlighted that “studying in a Western country was my
South-eastern Europe currently                                                                                                dream and I think that it still is a
enrolled at the University of Trieste                                                                                         dream for a great number of stu-
and to raise awareness on CEI                                                                                                 dents coming from our region. The
UniNet scholarship opportunities.                                                                                             question I want to raise here is how
The meeting was chaired by Prof.                                                                                              many of us wish to go and study in
Domenico Romeo, Rector of the                                                                                                 the countries of Central and South-
University of Trieste. Ambassador                                                                                             Eastern Europe. The answer is not
Harald Kreid, Director General of                                                                                             difficult to guess: Few or an almost
the CEI Executive Secretariat (CEI-                                                                                           insignificant number of students
ES), gave an overall presentation                                                                                             wish to do so. There could be many
on the CEI, its history, mandate and                                                                                          reasons for this but I think that the
its principle instruments of co-                                                                                              most decisive of all is the negative
                                         Rector Romeo addressing the students during the CEI meeting
operation; Giulietta del Fabbro,                                                                                              perceptions we have about ‘our
Senior Executive Officer of the CEI-ES, explained the functioning of the CEI         neighbours’. Educational initiatives aiming at students’ mobility in our
University Network which was further illustrated by the Coordinators of              region are the best manner to change such perceptions and the MIREES
three approved Joint Programmes:                                                     programme has achieved this goal. This Master’s programme brings toge-
Prof. Stefano Bianchini spoke on the Interdisciplinary Master’s in East              ther students from all-over the region. It offers not only an interdisciplina-
European Studies (MIREES - University of Bologna); Prof. Francesco Russo             ry and international academic environment, for me it is also an important
on the Master’s in Planning and Management of Co-operation and Training              forum for a meaningful dialogue among young students”.

Classification Issues in Tourism                                                                                               Information
The CEI supported Seminar and Workshop on “Classification and Quality in Hospitality Industry – with the Accent                on CEI Staff
on Hotels”, held in Opatija on 8-9 May, was one of five activities directly emanating from the Working Group                   As of 1 May 2006, Ms. Ariola
                                                                                                                               Shehaj, seconded by the
on Tourism. The other projects regard nautical tourism, activities in protected areas, eco-tourism and the devel-
                                                                                                                               Chamber of Commerce and
opment of tourist centres under UNESCO protection hosted by Hungary, Macedonia and Montenegro. During its                      Industry of Albania, has taken
20th meeting in Zagreb, on 23 May, the Working Group agreed on two new core issues for the CEI Plan of Action                  on her duties as Liaison Officer
                                                                                                                               of the Central European
2007-2009: conceptual frameworks for tourism development and enriching the tourism offer with new prod-                        Chambers of Commerce
ucts.                                                                                                                          Initiative.