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                 2006 Annual Report
B | s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H 2006 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report                                    Contents
                                                  2   Letter from the CEO

                                                  3   SMH Leadership

                                                  3   Values
Our mission is to strengthen our community        4   SMH Services: Children & Youth
and improve the lives of our clients by
                                                  5   SMH Services: Adults
delivering excellent health and human services
tailored to meet their needs.                     6   SMH Services: Older Adults

VISION                                            7   2006 Financials & Demographics
To be the first choice of the King County         8   SMH Locations
community for a broad spectrum of effective
behavioral health care services.                 10   2006 Supporters
Letter from the Ceo

2006 was a very good year

                                                        e began 2006 with high hopes for the year, and the          Receiving the King County con-       officials, business leaders, sMH
                                                        opportunities it seemed to hold. The legislature helped     tract to provide re-entry case       board members, clients and staff.
                                                        by passing moderate increases in both Medicaid and non-     management services    to people     When completed in 2007, this
                                            Medicaid funding for services to people with mental illness. legisla-   in the correctional system in        campus will house two build-
                                            tors even passed a small capital budget request for sMH, allowing us    need of mental health and/or         ings: one for community support
                                            to conduct a feasibility study for renovation of the old mansion that   chemical dependency services.        services and the other for out-
                                            houses our emerald House program.                                                                            patient programs. The auburn
                                               significant sMH accomplishments during 2006 include:                 Receiving the STAR (Substance        campus will be the focus of
                                                                                                                    Abuse Treatment and Recovery)        many of our services in south
                                            Celebrating SMH’s 40th anniver-     for adolescents at four seattle     program contract to serve 100        King County.
                                            sary  with a gala banquet at the    middle schools.                     individuals who have both a
                                            Bell Harbor Conference Cen-                                             developmental disability and         I could go on, but you probably
                                            ter. some 400 guests attended,      Receiving a bequest for nearly      challenges with alcohol or drugs.    get the picture; 2006 turned
David Stone, CEO                            including sMH founder gover-        $100,000  from the estate of a                                           out to be a remarkable year for
                                            nor Booth gardner, various state    friend of the organization, the     Receiving the Day Reporting          seattle Mental Health in a great
                                            and local officials, current and    largest bequest ever made to        Center, Housing and Treatment        many ways. a lot of very good
                                            former board members, staff,        sMH.                                Service grant by the City of         people, both inside and outside
                                            consumers and friends of sMH.                                           seattle to offer a “housing first”   of the organization, helped
                                            In addition, over $100,000 was      Receiving the PATH project con-     approach, along with mental          make it happen, and we are truly
                                            raised at the event to support      tract from King County, which       health and chemical dependency       grateful to you all. The fact is,
                                            sMH services.                       provides housing and mental         treatment, to help improve           we can only help the community
                                                                                health services to homeless         client compliance with court         when the community helps us.
                                            Receiving a $360,000 grant for      persons in outlying areas of the    orders and reduce recidivism to      and that certainly happened in
                                            the school year from the Nesholm    county.                             the correctional system.             2006…thanks to you.
                                            Family Foundation, the largest
                                            foundation gift in sMH history.     Receiving the South King County     Breaking ground on the new
                                            The grant funds a collabora-        Housing First Demonstration                       about 50 guests
                                                                                                                    site in Auburn.
                                            tion between seattle Public                               provides
                                                                                Project contract, which             attended the groundbreaking
                                            schools, Children’s Hospital        mental health and substance         ceremony, including auburn
                                            and sMH that provides mental        abuse care for 25 homeless          Mayor Pete lewis, Kent Mayor         David Stone
                                            health screening and evaluation     individuals.                        suzette Cooke, other elected         Chief Executive Officer

2 | s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H 2006 Annual Report
S e at t L e m e n ta L h e a Lt h L e a d e r S h i p

Board of Directors                                             Values
Officers                              Directors                In support of the seattle Mental    supporting partnership, working
                                                               Health mission, we commit to        together as a team to common
Chair                                 Gloria Bernard           the following values:               goals, and seeking internal and
Stephen F. Schneider                  Barron Cato
                                      George Counts, MD
                                                                                                   external opportunities for col-
Vice Chair                            Ben Gaffney              Delivering the highest quality      laboration.
Paula Janson                          Martin Kaplan            service by continuously improv-
                                      Rhea Lutton
                                                               ing the quality of our services,    Being responsible for our
                                      Bill Monto
Nikki Etherington                     Michael Pickett          products and processes; being       actions and obligations, as an
                                      Sherri Rogalski          responsive to internal and          organization and as individuals.
Secretary                             Russell Saimons          external customers; and con-
Liz Golubiec                          Wendy Soo Hoo
                                      Mary Kannegaard, Staff   tinuously improving value to        Cultivating an environment that
                                           Representative      our customers.                      encourages risk-taking, creativity,
                                                                                                   experimentation, and change in
                                                               Demonstrating integrity and         response to customer needs.

Senior                                                         the highest standards of ethical
                                                               practice in every aspect of our     Providing leadership and innova-

Management Team                                                agency. This is evidenced by
                                                               open, honest communication,
                                                                                                   tion in behavioral health services
                                                                                                   to establish seattle Mental
                                                               fair and equitable treatment        Health as the provider of choice
                                                               of employees, customers, and        for our community.
Chief Executive Officer                                        volunteers, and sound manage-
David R. Stone, Ph.D.                                          ment practices.                     Providing a positive environ-
Chief Clinical Officer                                                                             ment for our clients, guests, and
Trish Blanchard, M.Ed.                                         showing respect for individuals     employees.
                                                               and for the cultural diversity of
Chief Financial Officer
Paul Eisenhaur, MBA, MA
                                                               our employees, clients, and the
                                                               communities we serve.
Chief Development Officer
Gayle Johnson

Chief Medical Officer
Michael Snyder, MD

                                                                                                                        2006 Annual Report s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H | 3
                                                                                                                                           Child & Youth
                                                                                                                                           • Access, admissions and
                                                                                                                                             crisis services

                                                                                                                                           • Individual, couple, family
                                                                                                                                             and group therapy

                                                                                                                                           • Intensive care coordination

                                                                                                                                           • Outreach and engagement

                                                                                                                                           • Sexual or physical abuse,
                                                                                                                                             or neglect treatment

                                                                                                                                           • Domestic violence

                                                                                                                                           • Services for children and
                                                                                                                                             youth with developmental

                                                                                                                                           • Services for children and
                                          m e n ta L h e a Lt h f o r t h e a g e S                                                          youth who are deaf, deaf/
                                                                                                                                             blind or hard of hearing

                                          SMH Services: Children & Youth                                                                   • Early childhood services

                                                                                                                                           • School based services

                                                  ll children deserve the environment and support system to thrive to their fullest        • Middle school support
                                                    potential. seattle Mental Health provides services that address the needs of             services (screening and
                                                                                                                                             care coordination)
           16% of SMH                                 children, youth and their families. sMH programs adapt to the needs of each
           clients are 0–17
           years of age.                  youth, delivering services by trained specialized providers.                                     • Parent and youth peer
                                            With the agency’s commitment to providing wrap-around services to children, youth
                                          and their families, our clients are ensured the best possible care. Wraparound services are      • Chemical dependency
                                          individually designed plans that include treatment services and personal support services in
                                          the care of the client. Wraparound services are developed with a team approach that includes     • Psychiatric services
                                          the client, immediate family, extended family, friends, staff at sMH as well as providers from
                                                                                                                                           • Therapeutic foster care
                                          beyond the organization to meet the mental health and clinical dependency needs of the client.
                                                                                                                                           • Child-serving system and
4 | s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H 2006 Annual Report                                                                                 provider collaboration
                                                                                                         Adult Services:
                                                                                                         • Access, admissions and
m e n ta L h e a Lt h f o r t h e a g e S                                                                  crisis services

SMH Services: Adult                                                                                      • Outreach and engagement

                                                                                                         • Individual, couple, family

                                                                                                           and group therapy
      eattle Mental Health serves 7,000 adults ages 18 to 65. each client is treated
                                                                                                         • Employment services
      with the individualized and personal care that has been the hallmark of sMH          72% of SMH
                                                                                           clients are
      for 41 years. sMH is a multi-disciplinary agency providing multiple services         18–59 years
                                                                                                         • Psychiatric services
                                                                                           of age.
under one roof. to best serve our clients we offer the tools for each client to succeed,                 • Community support
from counseling and community support services to supportive housing services to                           services (care coordination,
                                                                                                           life skills, symptom
employment services. our staff is trained to serve the special needs of clients with                       management, relapse
mental health and/or chemical dependency disorders, developmental disabilities,                            prevention, in-home services)

deafness and many other diverse groups.                                                                  • Chemical dependency

                                                                                                         • Services for clients who
                                                                                                           are deaf or hard of hearing

                                                                                                         • Services for clients who
                                                                                                           are developmentally

                                                                                                         • Sexual abuse and
                                                                                                           Domestic violence

                                                                                                         • Services for military/
                                                                                                           veterans of war

                                                                                                         • Criminal justice services

                                                                                                         • Supportive Housing
                                                                                                           (independent, Shelter Plus
                                                                                                           Care, Section VIII housing
                                                                                                           vouchers, criminal justice
                                                                                                           housing vouchers, service
                                                                                                           enriched housing, 24-hour
                                                                                                           staffed residential facilities)
                                                                                                                                       Older Adult
                                                                                                                                       • Access, admissions and
                                                                                                                                         crisis services

                                                                                                                                       • Outreach and engagement

                                                                                                                                       • In-home and community
                                                                                                                                         center (nursing home) care

                                                                                                                                       • Psychiatric services

                                                                                                                                       • Individual, family and
                                                                                                                                         group therapy

                                                                                                                                       • Chemical dependency

                                                                                                                                       • Grief, loss, abuse and
                                                                                                                                         trauma services

                                                                                                                                       • Intensive services and
                                                                                                                                         care coordination, daily
                                                                                                                                         living skills and community
                                                                                                                                         networks of care
                                            m e n ta L h e a Lt h f o r t h e a g e S

                                            SMH Services: Older Adults
                                                                                                                                       • Family education and care
                                                                                                                                         giver support

                                                                                                                                       • Peer support

                                                  eattle Mental Health is committed to serving the behavioral health needs of its      • Services for individuals
   12% of SMH                                     older adult clients. These services afford our older adult clients the highest and     who are deaf or who are
   clients are 60                                                                                                                        developmentally disabled
   years of age                                   safest level of quality of life and independence.
   or older.                                  sMH values the resilience of older adults. agency services are designed to ensure the    • Housing (independent living,
                                                                                                                                         24-hr staffed residential
                                            best possible care to support that resilience. services address the whole person and are     facilities, long term
                                            developed with a team approach that includes the client, family, friends and community       rehabilitation)

                                            network, friends, sMH staff, as well as older adult providers to meet the mental health    • Collaboration with older
                                            and chemical dependency needs of the client.                                                 adult system and service

6 | s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H 2006 Annual Report

           2006 Financials & Demographics                                                                                                  Ethnicity              Hispanic
            Revenue (TOTAL $30,493,000)                                                                                                                                            B
                                                                                                                                               12000                                   C
                                                                                                                                                              D                    E

                                      Medicaid 67.0%



         Individual                                                     Other
         Contributions                               Medicare,        Government
irst   Chart is administration
         2.0%                                       Insurance,          21.0%
                                                  & Private Pay*
                                                                                          Gender profile                                        6000

                                         United                                           of 2006 clients

                                                                                                            52   %                     A

                                                                                           48   %
        Individual Contributions Revenue
                                                       *  Client Fees include Medicare,
                             & Investments                Insurance, Private Pay
                                  2.0%                 ** In-Kind Contributions include
        In-Kind Contributions                             services & goods (primarily
                                                          intern work hours)                                                           B

        Other Revenue & Investments
            Expenses (TOTAL $29,517,000)

        United Way
              Outpatient                                                                                                               F
        Medicare, Insurance, & Private Pay                                                                           A. White/Caucasian                8968       A. Mexican/
                                                                                                                     B. Black, African American        2295          Mex-American/Chicano          399
                                                                                                                     C. Asian                           458       B. Other Spanish/Hispanic        232
        Other Government                                                                                             D. Some Other Race                 413       C. Unknown                       173
                                                                                                                     E. American Indian                           D. Puerto Rican                   73
                                                                                           MALE         FEMALE          or Alaska Native                327       E. Cuban
        Medicaid                                                                          CLIENTS       CLIENTS      F. Unknown                         234       F. Not Spanish/Hispanic        11800

                              Administration                         13%
                                                                                                                                            2006 Annual Report s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H | 7

Third Chart is age
                                            Seattle Mental Health Locations
                                            auburn                                 SeattLe                                redmond
                                                                                                                                                                            Residential Services
                                            Auburn Service Center                  Capitol Hill                           Northwest Counseling Institute                    Avondale
                                            810 28th St. NE                        1600 E Olive St.                       16345 NE 87th Suite C.1                           Chartley House
                                            Auburn, WA 98002                       Seattle, WA 98122                      Redmond, WA 98052                                 Stillwater
                                            253.876.8900                           206.302.2200                           425.653.4960
                                                                                                                                                                            Supported Housing
                                            Northwest Counseling Institute         Madison                                SnoQuaLmie
                                            1314 8th St. NE #103                   2719 East Madison #200                                                                   Adams House
                                            Auburn, WA 98002                       Seattle, WA 98112                      Snoqualmie Service Center                         Eden House
                                            253.876.7600                           206.302. 2600                          9450 Ethan Wade Way SE                            Haven House
                                                                                                                          Snoqualmie, WA 98065                              Jordan House
                                            beLLeVue                               Northgate                              800.828.1449                                      Lake House
                                                                                   9706 4th Ave. NE #303                                                                    Oasis House
                                            Northcreek                             Seattle, WA 98115                      tuKWiLa                                           Redmond House
                                            14216 NE 21st                          206.302.2900
                                            Bellevue, WA 98007                                                            Service Center                                    Apartments
                                            425.653.4900                           Kent                                   6100 Southcenter Blvd.                            Brookside
                                            425.869.6634                                                                  Tukwila, WA 98188                                 Juniperwood
                                                                                   Kent Service Center                    206.444.7800
                                            Rainbow Creek                          1404 S Central Ave. #113
                                            14270 NE 21st                          Kent, WA 98032                         Northwest Counseling Institute
                                            Bellevue, WA 98007                     253.876.7620                           6100 Southcenter Blvd.
                                            425.653.5000                                                                  Tukwila, WA 98188

                                                               (   Information/Access to services: 206.302.2300 • Administrative Offices: 206.302.2200 • Toll Free: 800.828.1449 • TTY: 206.302.2209

8 | s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H 2006 Annual Report
                                      405      Redmond




           5                                                  �


           518          �


                                                                   Providing comprehensive
                      Kent                                         behavioral health services
                                                         18        around King County.

                                                                   • Auburn               • Renton
                                                                   • Bellevue             • Seattle
                                                                   • Kent                 • Snoqualmie
                                                                   • Redmond              • Tukwila
                        Auburn                                     • Renton

                                                                            2006 Annual Report s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H | 9

2006 Supporters                                                      a & a printing, inc.
                                                                     Jane M. and Don G. Abel
                                                                     Genesee C. Adkins
                                                                                                          Emma A. and Michael J. Burns
                                                                                                          Frederico and Monica Burnside
                                                                                                          Blair B. Burroughs
                                                                                                                                                  Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
                                                                                                                                                  Deloitte Services LLP
                                                                                                                                                  Susan T. and Daniel G. Denton

                                                                     Carolyn Andersen                     Jean and C. B. Carlson                  Amy Lee and Andrew Derenthal
       eattle Mental Health appreciates the support                  Lori Aoki                            Gary Carlson                            Ralph Di Meglio

       from individuals, companies and foundations.                  James E. B. Applegate                David Carrington                        Nicole Di Zinno
                                                                     Askesis Development Group            Connie and John E. Casperson            Robert C. Dickerson II
       It is with their help that sMH served over                    AstraZeneca                          Barron Cato                             Dave Doane
11,000 clients in 2006.                                              Monica M. Atkins                     Jennifer Caudebec                       Andrew Donlen

   There are many ways to support sMH, its clients and               Elizabeth Bacher                     Central Area Motivation Program         Councilmember Jan Drago
                                                                     Wendy Baer                           Julie Challenger                        Daniel G. Drais
the communities we serve. Donors can contribute with                 Anne T. Hollomon and Joe Baldwin     Joann Chavira-Bash                      Traci L. Drake
direct gifts in cash, appreciated stock, workplace giving,           Bank of America                      Lynne and David Chelimer                Linda and Pete Dufour

corporate matching gifts and pledges. supporters can                 Bank of America Matching Gifts       Children’s Hospital & Regional          Nan and Robert Dyer
                                                                        Foundation                           Medical Center                       Thomas R. Dyer and Lise Kenworthy
also contribute with memorial gifts, honorariums or by               Aimee Bebeau                         The Honorable Frank Chopp               Chris Eakins
including sMH in their wills or estate plans.                        Bennett Bigelow & Leedom             Clark Nuber                             Michael D. and Katie Earley

   to inquire about contributing to sMH please contact               Abraham Bergman                      Susan Cleva                             Paul M. Eisenhauer
                                                                     Gloria L. Bernard                    Therese Coad                            Eli Lilly and Company
our Chief Development officer, gayle Johnson, at (206)               Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation      Beverly M. Coco                         Scott Ely
302-2260 or via e-mail at gayleJ@smh.org.                            Maria T. Billings                    Councilmember Richard Cole              Emma Jean’s Consignments &
                                                                     Trish Blanchard                      Winifred S. and John T. Coleman            Antiques
SMH has made every effort to accurately acknowledge our donors.      Frank A. Blethen                     Patricia Collins                        Kristi England
To report corrections please contact the SMH development office at   Sandy Boeskov                        David Combs                             Valerie J. Ensor
(206) 302-2251.                                                      Janet Boguch and Kelby D. Fletcher   Laura J. Corvi                          Erling O. Erickson
                                                                     Phil and Laurie K. Boguch            Dr. George Counts                       Peter A. Erie
                                                                     MaryAnn Bolte and John C. Sindorf    George W. Counts                        Ernie’s Carpet Care, Inc.
                                                                     Steven Bolton                        Kirsten Cramer                          Vanessa and Mark Erwin
                                                                     Lois L. and E. J. Bond               Wendi M. Crawford                       Jack M. and Deborah Espelund
                                                                     Roger E. Bonney, Jr.                 Diana Crettol                           Nikki Etherington
                                                                     Richard and Sandra Bratz             Marlan Crosier                          Fairfax Hospital
                                                                     Eric M. Breidenbach                  Kathy V. Cross                          Carole and Peter C. Falleen
                                                                     Shirley G. and Herbert M. Bridge     Richard G. Crowther, Jr. and Florence   Tina Marie and Nicholas A. Federici
                                                                     Carol Brittnacher                       C. McDonald-Crowther                 Larry Fehr
                                                                     Melany T. Brown                      Milena Cuklerman                        Beroz and Sieghard Ferrell
                                                                     Brown & Brown Insurance              Joneil M. Custodio                      Dr. Meredith Fine
                                                                     Boni J. and Ward Buringrud           Barbara J. and Theodore Daniels         First Choice Business Machines
                                                                     William T. and Feliciana D. Burke    Heba Danish                             Michael X. Ford

10 | s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H 2006 Annual Report
Ian C. Fournie                            Susan A. Heller                        Mr. and Mrs. Alan Klockars             Alice V. Mathers
Colby Fox                                 Dennis Helmick                         Mary Ann Knowles                       Stephen J. Mathias
Dina Y. Frank                             Hellen Hemphill-Wilson                 Cheryl L. Koch                         Margie R. Matthews
Jeffrey G. Frank                          Greg and Linda Hill                    Susan and Robert Koeppen               Francesco L. Federici and Deeanne
Fred Meyer Foundation                     Mack Hogans                            The Honorable Jeanne Kohl-Welles           E. Matz
Fred Meyer Renton                         Robert E. Holm and Michael Post        Norma and Peter Kok                    Michael McAlister
Friends of Laura Ruderman                 Carol and Sa H. Hong                   Enid Kriewald                          Shaun McCarthey
Joseph H. Fuller                          Erica Horn                             Jeannie Kussman                        Lisa K. and Brian R. McCarthy
Benton J. Gaffney and Stacey Fitzgerald   Dr. Robert Houk                        Bill and Kristine Laaninen             Pamela Z. McClintock
Kevin Gaffney                             Macon L. Howard                        Oliver M. and Ellen M. LaJoie          Julie McCoy
Terri and Joe M. Gaffney                  Lembhard G. Howell                     Land America National Commercial       Angus and Mavis F. McDonald
Jane B. and Doug Gamble                   Michelle Huelmann                         Services                            Larry E. McKeeman and Cynthia F.
Helen and Victor Garcia                   Dr. Charles Huffine                    Sarah Lapp                                 Treharne
Genoa Healthcare                          Dr. Allen Hume                         Dennis Laprise                         Betsy McKenzie-Berentsen
Maureen M. George                         ING                                    Grant Larsen                           Cathy M. McLain
Alexander Gibb                            Cassandra Jackson                      Kirk Larsen                            Kimberly McNally
Brittany D. Gledhill                      Cindy and Brian Jaffe                  Lorie A. Larson                        Teresa L. McNeely
Liz and John Golubiec                     David Jaffe                            Richard W. Larson                      Kathy and Kenneth Melman
Mark A. Golubiec                          Arden James                            Laurie and Phil Boguch Philanthropic   Will and Katherine Merrick
Martha and Ronald Golubiec                Diane James                               Fund                                Meagan Meyers-Hummel and
Richard Goss                              Paula D. Janson                        Joan Lechter                               Raymond Hummel
Tim D. Gourley                            The Honorable Fred Jarrett             Elizabeth M. Leckie                    Microsoft Corporation
Richard L. and Mary Lee Gowell            Allen J. and Janice M. Jaworski        Teri and Greg LeClair                  Kathryn M. Milam
Mr. and Mrs. Gene O. Graham               Catherine Jeney                        Krista Lee                             Craig Miller and Rebecca S. Norton
Kathleen Graham                           Vicki and Scott Jensen                 Linn, Schisel & DeMarco                Ross Minard and Meta B. Thayer
Craig Greenberg                           Dr. Sharon Jenson and John C. Jenson   John Logsdon                           Diane R. and Richard L. Mitchell
Debra J. Gumbardo and Dr. Bruce E.        Lynette Jeung                          RoxAnn M. Lottes                       Chuck Mitsakos
   Clurman                                Gayle Johnson                          Judith A. and Michael F. Luiten        Stan Moffett and Maggie Murphy
Alan Gursky                               Dr. Martin M. Johnson and Margaret     Rhea Lutton                            Mary L. Montgomery
Councilmember Jane Hague                     Powers                              Jackie and Thomas F. MacLean           William Monto
Mary Alice and James C. Hanken            Norman O. Johnson                      Karen MacLeod                          Nancy Moore and John Lucarelli
Kent and Carole Harris                    Brian Kabat                            Kathy Magner                           William J. Morani
Maria Harwood                             Martin Kaplan                          Shobha A. Mahtani                      Eleanor and Allan W. Munro
Michael Hatch                             Jeanne Keenan                          Robert Malae                           Mr. and Mrs. Dave Murphy
John M. Hayden                            Keeney’s Office Plus                   Darlene Marceron                       Donna M. and Ronald K. Murrish
Catherine and Frederick Hayes             Chief Gil Kerlikowske                  Marsh USA Inc.                         Michael Nakayama
George Heidorn and Margaret               Thomas M. Kerlin                              .
                                                                                 Kevin P Martyn                         Renold Nanstad
   Rothschild                             Thea and David L. Kleiber              Susan J. Massey                        Sallie L. Neillie

                                                                                                                                                2006 Annual Report s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H | 11
2006 Supporters (continued)
                                            Shirley T. Nelsen                        Daniel and Terry Roche               Darlene W. Sobieck and William P.        Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
                                            Nesholm Family Foundation                Robert M. and Sherri L. Rogalski        Coburn                                US Bank
                                            Patricia A. and Ray M. Nicola            Melessa Rogers                       Irwin S. Somerville                      Cara Van Doren
                                            Jim Nielson                              Peter and Marian Rose                Maria Sonkin                             Maria VanNieuwkerk
                                            Patrick B. Nishimura                     Steve and Susan Ross                 Wendy Soo Hoo                            Verizon Foundation
                                            Barbara Nombalais                        Dino Rossi                           Thomas C. Sparks                         Marcia and John Vian
                                            Nancy S. Nordhoff                        Laura Ruderman                       Seeley G. and Glenn E. Springman         Eden N. Waggoner
                                            Janet O’Brien                            Roxana R. Russell                    St. Joseph’s Conference Society          James S. Walsh
                                            Sandy and Richard D. O’Keefe             Susan G. and Michael A. Rynas        Sterling Realty Organization             Robert W. Walthers
                                            Wendy Beth Oliver                        SAFECO Insurance Company             Kathryn S. and Edwin B. Sterner          Carol Washington
                                            Tony Orange                              Angelica and Russell J. Saimons      Councilmember Robert Sternoff            Washington Mutual Bank
                                            Ken and Patricia Orvidas                 The Honorable Sharon Tomiko Santos   Robert Stomp                             Washington Mutual Employee Giving
                                            Arlene and Sunjeev K. Pandey             Angelene L. and Charles G. Sas       Linda Stone and Dr. David Stone             Program
                                            Deborah Parks                            Dr. and Mrs. Lester Sauvage          Dr. David T. Stonington                  Washington State Hospital Association
                                            Polly and Bill Parson                    Julie and Charles Schisel            Steven Strauch                           Genevieve G. Weber
                                            PepsiCo Foundation                       Brian Schmidt                        Gerald and Cheryl Strode                 Dian Wells
                                            Tamara Philip                            Christopher G. Schmidt               Swedish Medical Center                   Wells Fargo Community Support
                                            Dwight C. Pickett                        Stephen F. Schneider                 Michael and Mary Switzer                    Campaign
                                            Ann Watson and Michael Pickett           Judith Schrager                      Dr. Carrie Sylvester                     Marie R. Westermeier
                                            Pioneer Human Services                   Fran Schruefer                       Mr. and Mrs. Rick Tabor                  Sotteria Wetsch
                                            Sanford E. Pitler and Constance S.       Susan and Alan Schulkin              Lynne and Gerald Tarter                  Kathie L. Wiegers
                                                Parsons                              Seattle Aquarium                     Catherine and Craig Taylor               Erica J. Wiley
                                            PointB                                   Seitel Leeds & Associates            Mark Taylor                              Robert Wiley
                                            Judy G. Poll                             Alfredo V. Seripiero                 Temporarily Yours, Inc.                  Martha Wine and Keith Hilmer
                                            Jonathan Poneman                         Daniel J. Seydel                     Dr. Luth M. Tenorio and Narciso P.       Susie Winston
                                            Puget Sound Energy                       Raj J. and Shivam M. Shah               Tenorio                               Theresa M. Winther
                                            Valerie J. Quarto                        Gregory L. Shaw                      Andrew Thatcher                          Ann and John Wojtacha
                                            Yacoub R. and Nisreen Y. Rabie           Jane Hardessen Shaw                  The Boeing Company                       Stacey Wollenberg
                                            Barbara and Robert Raher                 Patricia and Shep Shepherd           The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross   Sharon L. Woods
                                            William Rahr and Sheriff Susan L. Rahr   Kathryn M. Shields                   Robert B. Thomas                         Marni H. Wright and Charles S. Wright
                                            Anne M. Redman                           Maureen K. Short and John Short      Dr. Robert W. Thompson                   John Wyble
                                            Laura W. Rehrmann                        Arthur Siegal                        Laurie and Mickey Tish                   Zechun B. Yang and Sylvia H. Chu
                                            Donald E. Reising                        Elizabeth A. Singer                  Carolyn Tomlinson                        YMCA Family Services
                                            Geoffrey G. Revelle                      Donald Sirkin                        Bernard T. Tonkon                        Heidi Yoneda
                                            Randy Revelle                            Caren Skube                          Beverly Torok-Storb                      Sue Yuzer
                                            Nancy Rignel                             Brian W. Smith                       Judy S. Townsend                         David A. Zeldow
                                            Ron and Kirsten G. Risden                Peter A. and Heidi Snyder            Turner Foundation                        Polly Zetterberg
                                            Michael Rivers                           William A. Snyder                    United Way of King County                11 Anonymous Donors

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2006 Annual Report s e a t t l e M e n t a l H e a l t H | 13
                                                                206-302-2300 • www.smh.org
                                                                  Toll free: 1-800-828-1449
                                                                     TTY: 206-302-2209
                                                                Administration: 206-302-2200
                                                                     Fax: 206-302-2210

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