Perseverance Vs Stubbornness by primusboy


									Perseverance Vs Stubbornness
As students of the Buddha-Dharma we are taught to keep practicing
unperturbed by obstacles that might arise during our practice.
To practice perseverance means to go on meditating, to keep on reciting
mantras, to develop all the virtues of a bodhisattva, to increase the
accumulation of merit and wisdom, regardless of the difficulties we
experience. To do this, our precious teachers tell us, will bring us
closer to the ultimate goal: enlightenment, the absolute truth,
liberation, recognition of the clear light.
Our teachers also tell us, that the path is not a leisurely walk with
lots of amenities while we are under way. It is made clear, that Mara is
not giving up his hold on us willingly and will put all kind o f obstacles
in our way. But we are to disregard all that is trying to make us turn in
the wrong direction and look for encouragement and guidance in the
teachings of the master Buddha Shakyamuni like trusting and confident
We are taught that when we encounter these obstacles, we will find
directions and guidance in meditation. While in meditation, we are open
to recognize the solutions to our problems, open to understand the
answers to our questions, our mind is able to enter areas of our
awareness normally closed when we are in our normal level of
According to our gurus it is not helpful, to try and seek for help with
the aid of our intellect. The reasoning within the limits of our obscured
mind will not lead us to a correct view of our existence within the
dualistic world.
Our thinking is based on incorrect input coming from our limited sense
and cannot bring us to valid conclusions.
This brings me to the cause of me writing this.
When considering my present position and the conditions of life, I can
see clearly that it could do with some improvement.
While engaging in various activities to bring about changes in a positive
sense, I was encountering seemingly endless obstacles coming up rising
numbers and quality. For some time I was tempted to give up and resign
myself to what apparently was my destiny. I thought that other teachings
I had been exposed to previously said, that to keep on trying after so
many setbacks is called "stubbornness", and that you should follow your
"gut feeling" and look for an alternative. That the obstacles in my path
Indications that what I was attempting was "not for me" and that I should
heed the "omens" my subconscious was giving me.
I almost gave in to these suggestions.
Then I remembered! I sat down on my cushion and went to my meditative
level. I called on the resources available and asked for guidance and a
solution for my situation. I realized then that "PERSEVERANCE" is
absolutely not the same as "stubbornness" and that the temptation to give
up was indeed not the solution I could accept. It would have been the
easier way out. But it would also have left me in the same spot as before
and not one inch further on the path. I came to the conclusion that these
obstacles where in reality challenges. To overcome these in dealing with
them would certainly bring me ahead. Maybe not immediately out of all
difficulties but a step further.
The change in my view was necessary to look at my situation from a
different angle and led me to recognize, that it is not as desperate as
it seemed before. New ideas on how to work on improvement came up.
Conversations, discussions and even disputes with friends and members of
our sangha led to a list of possibilities not evident before.
Essential conclusion:
To give up = stagnation and finally regress
To persevere = development, change, progress
I think that this insight is valid not only for me.
I am convinced that it is equally valid for all, who are confronted with
problems, obstacles, puzzles, uncertainties, and general
Keep at it! Don't give up! Success is certain!
Author: George Alexander Schmidt

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