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									Kimbo Slice Fights Ken Shamrock
Kimbo Slice, the Internet marvel who transformed from backyard brawler to
MMA fighter and whose fights were on YouTube to mixed martial artist, to
whose fights are on Showtime and pay-per-view, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel
Live, and an interesting name came up as a potential future opponent.
When Kimmel asked, "Is Mike Tyson someone you would like to fight?" Slice
said, "Yeah."
Undoubtedly Mike Tyson really is retired -- not just "retired" like so
many fighters who aren't really finished -- but I must say, if he ever
wanted to fight Kimbo Slice, it would be one of the all -time greatest
freak shows in the history of sport. And that means it would make
everyone a lot of money.
As for the prospect he's fighting next, former UFC star Ken Shamrock,
Kimbo Slice said, "I don't think nothing about Ken."
The congregation also got a little personal. Kimmel asked Slice if he
conditions his beard, and Slice said, "I take care of it because it takes
care of me." Kimmel told Slice, "It really is one of the shiniest,
cleanest-looking beards I've ever seen." And then it got insane personal.
Kimmel said to Slice, "Have you ever had a romantic relationship with a
man? Be honest." Slice replied, "No, man." But I think we know better!
Ken Shamrock will have his hands full with Kimbo Slice, but only because
of his age and confidence. Shamrock has the skills, the experience in the
ring, and the name, but nobody's giving him much of a chance. Hopefully
he'll believe in himself.
To see the full Kimbo vs Shamrock video and other fights, visit the
original website all about Kimbo Slice.

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