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									Free Criminal Background Check
Many investigation companies advertise free background checks on their
websites, but for any background checks required in business that
involves collecting some quality and accurate information, spending money
for a professional background investigation would still be the best
option. Free background checks do exist but are not the proper choice
when it comes to jeopardizing a business or a company. Although not a
good option when an exhaustive search is essential, a free b ackground
check can provide some enlightening basic information about an
One of the first searches in a free criminal background search is the
fundamental records search. This could unearth some of the basic
information such as the date of birth and other personal details of the
individual. Since this search usually produces information about the
specifics of the individual, they can be used for further background
search about the person.
SSN authentication can reveal a gamut of information ab out an individual.
The SSN can be verified from the records existing with the DMV. Since a
falsified SSN would look similar to the original one, the truth can be
revealed only during the investigation. A driver's license could be
another option with which to conduct an investigation. Though the driving
history is not open to the public, investigators can persuade the
officials to give access to these records if the investigation is legal.
The DMV also has access to an individual’s personal details as well as
the addresses of all the places where the individual has previously
resided and is currently residing. So a legal investigator would be able
to obtain these details with ease from the DMV.
These are some of the basic details that can be unearthed by anyone or by
companies providing free background criminal search. However, an
exhaustive and in depth search would entitle spending a lot more along
with taking up a bit of time while waiting for an accurate and extensive
report to be delivered.
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