NSLS TOURS Karen Agostisi Congressman Steve Israel s Washington by jmeltzer


									2006 NSLS TOURS

1/4/2006    Karen Agostisi, Congressman Steve Israel's Washington Legislative Aide
1/24/2006   Alain E. Kaloyeros, Executive Dir., NYS Center for Advanced Technology, Albany NanoTech
2/3/2006    New York Institute of Technology, IEEE Club
2/23/2006   New York City Biology Teachers Association
2/28/2006   Suffolk County Economic Development Agency
3/1/2006    Retired U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey, President of B.R. McCaffrey Associates, LLC
3/2/2006    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Data Capture Team
3/8/2006    Communications Trust Advisory Panel Committee
3/14/2006   Polytechnic University of Brooklyn
3/15/2006   American Society of Metals/Materials-Long Island Chapter
3/17/2006   City College of New York
3/21/2006   John J. Grossenbacher, Director of Idaho National Laboratory
3/22/2006   Charterhouse School
3/24/2006   York College of CUNY

                                                                                                        YEAR IN REVIEW
3/24/2006   National Research Council of Canada, Infotonics of Rochester and Javelin Assoc. Directors
3/27/2006   Stony Brook University - Graduate Students
3/28/2006   Wildlife Genetics Conference
3/29/2006   University of Montenegro and State Department
3/30/2006   Stars Program and Japanese Exchange Team
3/31/2006   Smithtown Science Teachers - Staff Development Day
4/11/2006   ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers
4/18/2006   Renaissance Technologies Corporation
4/28/2006   Muhlenberg College
4/28/2006   Nassau Community College - Radiation Therapy Program
5/4/2006    Queens College of CUNY
5/16/2006   Department of Energy Budget Officers
5/18/2006   Brigham Young University
6/2/2006    Stony Brook University - Summer Undergraduate Program
6/2/2006    U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman
6/19/2006   Nuclear Chemistry Summer School
6/22/2006   Sheryl Silberman, Special Assistant to the Director, Idaho National Laboratory
7/11/2006   Columbia University REU Students
7/12/2006   Dr. Mitchell Shapiro - Overview of BNL
7/13/2006   Laser Safety Officer Conference
7/14/2006   Morgan State University
7/14/2006   Queens Hall of Science Ham Radio Club
7/14/2006   Southern University of New Orleans


7/20/2006    Columbia University - Summer Chemistry Program
7/27/2006    Jose Antonio Brum, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source Director
7/27/2006    Stony Brook University - REU Chemistry Program
7/31/2006    Stony Brook University - REU Physics Program
8/7/2006     Lauren Hill, Long Island Alliance
8/9/2006     Research Library General Laboratory Tour
8/9/2006     Stony Brook University - Brookhaven Women in Science
8/10/2006    New York State Business Council's Committee on Education
8/11/2006    Dongwha Kum, Korean Institute of Science & Technology (KIST) President
8/22/2006    Northrop Grumman Corporation
8/24/2006    Long Island Chapter of Oil and Heating Service Managers
8/28/2006    Rocky Point Rotary Club
9/8/2006     John Ryan, State University of New York Chancellor
9/21/2006    Brookhaven Women in Science
9/26/2006    Hofstra University
9/28/2006    New York University Graduate School of Journalism Science and Environmental Reporting
9/29/2006    Wayne Horsley, Chair of Suffolk County Legislature-Committee for Economic Development,
             Higher Education & Energy
10/2/2006    University of Palermo
10/11/2006   DOE - Library Operations Working Group
10/12/2006   Battelle Commercialization Managers
10/13/2006   Half Hollow Hills School District
10/16/2006   BNL ESHQ Directors
10/18/2006   United States Merchant Marine Academy
10/18/2006   Brian Foley, Brookhaven Town Supervisor
10/20/2006   City College of New York
10/20/2006   Korean Institute of Science and Technology for the Center for Nanomaterial Technology
10/20/2006   Borough of Manhatten Community College
10/24/2006   Hofstra University
10/24/2006   Adelphi University
10/27/2006   Eastport Manorville School District
11/1/2006    Fordham University-Society of Physics Students Club
11/3/2006    Steven H. Stern, Suffolk County Legislator, 16th District
11/15/2006   Edo Corporation
11/16/2006   Sarah Lawrence University
12/4/2006    Suffolk County Community College
12/8/2006    Suffolk County BOCES Staff Workers


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