Kids Magic Tricks - The 10 Rules of Great Magicians

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					Kids Magic Tricks - The 10 Rules of Great Magicians
Kids magic tricks can help children tremendously in building their self-
confidence. When getting started there are a few rules to remember when
performing them. Here are 10 things a true magician must always remember.
Never tell anyone how a trick is done
Practise each trick over and over again until you can do it perfectly
without mistake every time.
Keep your audience directly in front of you. Don't let them sit beside or
behind you
Don't repeat a trick in front of the same audience. They are only trying
to figure out how the trick works
Don't tell your audience what you are going to do. It is better to let
anticipation and suspense build as you perform your trick. You can
however talk to your audience while performing your trick because this
will help distract them.
Use expressions and gestures to enhance your act. For example, you can
frown to show you are concentrating hard, or stand still without speaking
to gain your audience's attention.
Make absolutely sure all your props are in perfect working order and look
good - no scruffy wands or hats.
Once you have learned a trick and can perform it, you can alter it. This
can be great fun!
Practise and perfect the story you tell while performing each trick -
it's what makes you different from another person who performs the same
Perform against a dark background under a good light.
Whether you just want to have fun with your kids magic tricks or become a
master magician it is very important to know that being able to do this
tricks enable you to play with people's minds. Use it in a positive way.
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