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									Holiday in the Hamptons
If you have been to Long Island in New York, then you have been very near
the Hamptons. The name Hamptons refers to two towns, called East Hampton
and Southampton. The Hamptons are right on the water, and thus a
wonderful summer spot for socialites, who often own summer homes in this
delightful area as a place where they can get away from all the bustle of
New York City.
East Hampton is about seventy square miles in size, and has about seventy
miles of waterfront on three of the town's sides. The Atlantic Ocean in
all its glory is on the south and east sides of the town. The town is
home to an Indian museum, a mill, the first cattle ranch in the United
States and many other artistic and cultural spots.
Southampton is home to some of the most beautiful East Coast beaches.
They include Ponquogue Beach, Tiana Beach, Flying Point Beach, Pikes
Beach and several others. Anyone who enjoys athletics, and especially
water sports, will enjoy spending time in Southampton. Because there is
so much waterfront available in the Hamptons, many residents and visitors
enjoy boating, windsurfing, waterskiing and fishing during the warm
summer months. There are many places to go hiking as well.
There are also wonderful museums in Southampton. Because the town in the
Hamptons was the first to be settled by the English in New York state,
there are several vintage homes that have been turned into museums and
feature beautiful antiques and period gardens. There is also a wonderful
cultural center and museum of the Shinnecock Indian tribe that is owned
and operated by the tribe. It features a longhouse full of artifacts, and
guided tours into a woodland on the actual reservation may be taken on
the weekends. For an early example of a vintage water-powered grist mill,
check out the Water Mill Museum. Dating back to 1644, the mill has been
restored and functions today as a museum that features exhibits on
milling and life in days gone by.
When you are ready for some nightlife, the Hamptons has a lot to offer.
The John Drew Theatre, located in Guild Hall in East Hampton, offers a
venue for wonderful theatrical productions. Art exhibits are also
featured here. South Hampton offers the Country Club at Conscience Point,
where you can enjoy dancing and music along with great food from their
fabulous restaurant. Another nearby spot in the Hamptons that has
wonderful performances is the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center.
Everything from magicians to Michael Feinstein have appeared at this
stunning venue.
Whether you want exciting nightlife, vibrant cultural activity or the
beauty that nature itself has provided, the Hamptons has something for
everyone who comes to visit or stay.
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