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					                              COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA

                                  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2006
 2006                                         FIRST SPECIAL SESSION                                                          No. 7
                          SENATE                                                       LEAVE OF ABSENCE
               WEDNESDAY, February 1,2006                              Senator MUSTO asked and obtained a leave of absence for
                                                                     Senator O'PAKE, for today's Session, for personal reasons.
   The Senate met at 10:30 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.
                                                                                      JOURNAL APPROVED
  The PRESIDENT (Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker
Knoll) in the Chair.                                                    The PRESIDENT. A quorum of the Senate being present, the
                                                                     Clerk will read the Journal of the preceding Special Session of
                           PRAYER                                    January 31,2006.
                                                                        The Clerk proceeded to read the Journal of the preceding
  The Chaplain, Reverend ROBERT SIEBER, of Faith Bible
                                                                     Special Session.
Church, of Port Royal, offered the following prayer:
     Let us pray.                                                      Senator BRIGHTBILL. Madam President, I move that further
     Almighty God, as we gather here in this hour to conduct the   reading of the Journal be dispensed with and that the Journal be
 business of our Commonwealth, we want to pause now to give        approved.
 You the praise, honor, and glory for thefreedomsthat we have.
 In doing so, may we never cease to remember that it is You,          On the question,
 Heavenly Father, who sets up nations and governments, that it is     Will the Senate agree to the motion?
 You, Father, who puts people in positions of power, and that it
 is You who gives us the freedoms to pursue life, liberty, and        The yeas and nays were required by Senator BRIGHTBILL
 happiness. May we always remember to say thank You, Lord, for     and were as follows, viz:
 this blessing.
    Heavenly Father, we want to pause now and give You thanks                                  YEA-48
 for allowing us the privilege to have known and to have worked
with Senator Thompson. Father, we thank You for his dedication Armstrong            Gordner        Orie/          Tartaglione
                                                                  Boscola          Greenleaf       Picccfla       Tomlinson
and service to this Senate body and our great Commonwealth.       Brightbill       Hughes          Pileggi        Vance
Lord, we want to take time to pray for his family, Senate col-    Browne           Jubelirer       Pippy          Washington
leagues, andfriendsin this time of loss. We pray, Lord, that Your Conti            Kasunic         Punt           Waugh
                                                                  Corman           Kitchen         Rafferty       Wenger
arms of peace and comfort would surround each of them as they     Costa            LaValle         Regola         White, Donald
move forward in carrying on the affairs of life, this Senate, and Earll            Lemmond         Rhoades        White, Mary Jo
the State of Pennsylvania. May his memory and legacy encourage    Erickson         Logan           Robbins        Williams, Anthony H.
                                                                  Ferlo            Madigan         Scamati        Williams, Constance
others to a deeper commitment within this Senate body, leading    Fontana          Mellow          Stack          Wonderling
to a service that will bring a betterment for all mankind.        Fumo             Musto           Stout         Wozniak
    Again, Heavenly Father, we thank You for this quiet time
together, when we can come to Your throne of grace and prayer.                                 NAY-0
We ask today for Your guidance for each Senator as they move
through the many agenda items before them. May they do work           A majority of the Senators having voted "aye," the question
that would bring peace, liberty, and happiness to each citizen,   was determined in the affirmative.
and above all, Father, may their labors today bring honor and         The PRESIDENT. The Journal is approved.
glory to You. This we ask in Your holy name. Amen.
                                                                                     LEAVE OF ABSENCE
    The PRESIDENT. The Chair thanks Reverend Sieber, who is
the guest today of Senator Corman.                                    Senator BRIGHTBILL asked and obtained a leave of absence
                                                                  for Senator EARLL, for a portion of today's Session, for personal
                PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                              reasons.
   (The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those assembled.)
92                                   LEGISLATIVE JOURNAL — SENATE   FEBRUARY 1,

   The PRESIDENT. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from
Lebanon, Senator Brightbill.
   Senator BRIGHTBILL. Madam President, I move that the
Special Session of the Senate do now recess until Monday, Feb-
ruary 6, 2006, immediately following the recess of the Regular
   The motion was agreed to by voice vote.
   The Senate recessed the Special Session at 12:22 p.m., East-
em Standard Time.

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