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									Cushman Truckster - Adding A Honda 20HP V-Twin Engine
Cushman Trucksters are considered one of the best hauling vehicles
available because of their durability and long-lasting construction.
Their reasonable price makes them a favorite of many greens keeping and
landscaping operations who use hauling vehicles like these every day for
basic debris and equipment transportation.
Proper maintenance will keep a Cushman Truckster running for years. In
fact, these vehicles will often times out-live the quality of the engines
inside them. While the body, electrical components, engine, even the
tires will continue to run strong the power may not be up to what the
modern models can provide. Rather than ridding the fleet of the older
Cushman, repower kits are available so that stronger, newer engines can
be easily placed into the machine. These rebuild kits cost a fraction of
the price of a new engine and will give new life to an older truckster by
adding more horsepower and new engineering.
Cushman Truckster small engines can be easily replaced using a number of
different rebuild kits available. One of the best options is a repower
kit using a Honda 20HP V-Twin overhead valve engine.
A Honda 20HP V-Twin overhead valve engine rebuild kit is best suited to
replace any Cushman Truckster 18 or 22 HP small engine. Like any good
rebuild kit, a Honda small engine kit will include the engine itself, an
exhaust system, a motor mount, a clutch adapter, the complete
installation instructions and the bolts and other items necessary to
complete the installation. Before purchasing any repower kit, make sure
you understand exactly what does and does not come in the package you are
Though relatively simple, repowering a Cushman Truckster with something
like a Honda 20HP engine does take some understanding and planning. It is
not as simple as swapping one engine for another. It is important to read
through the details of the instructions and take note of what will and
will not function exactly as before and what additional parts may be
necessary beyond those included in the kit. Below are some simple things
to consider, specifically when using as rebuild kit for a Cushman
Hydraulic System: If your truckster has a hydraulic system that uses a
chain drive or a belt drive, additional parts or kits may need to be
ordered in order to make the system work properly.
Equipment Heater: Changing the muffler system may render the equipment
heater inoperable.
Power Converter: If your truckster has a 120 volts AC power converter, it
may require additional changes in order to function after the repower kit
is installed. This is because using a kit like one for a Honda 20HP
eliminates the alternator.
All of these functions can be built back into the construction of the
truckster through other means. The amount of money saved using a rebuild
kit is often considered well worth the cost of a couple of additional
maintenance hours to get these features back on line. Reviewing the
information about any rebuild kit before you buy will help you understand
what additional work may need to be done.
Cushman Trucksters are quality built machines with an excellent track-
record for longevity and performance. Repowering their engines using a
high-powered Honda 20HP V-Twin small engine will extend the life of the
vehicle while giving it the power available in newer models.
~Ben Anton, 2008
Ben Anton lives in Portland, OR and writes for Repower Specialists, LTD.
Read more about Honda rebuild kits available online by visiting the
Repower Specialists site specializing in the repowering of Cushman
Trucksters and other golf course equipment.

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