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Genealogy is the study of ancestors, our ancestors' families, and our
family history. Although genealogy is sometimes done for professional
reasons, for example by academic historians, for the most part, it is
simply a fascinating hobby that engages in many. Who would not want to
know who their ancestors were, and what their ancestors did during their
For the most part, genealogical research tends to be advanced by a
combination of patience, persistence and thoroughness, rather inspired
lightning bolts of genius. It is perhaps for this reason that genealogy
tends to be enjoyed most by the kind of people who enjoy this kind of
detective work, as well as people who like solving mysteries or puzzles.
However, it would be incorrect to think of genealogy as being stuffy or
behind the times - that is certainly not the case. Genealogists have been
very adept in apply new technologies such as computers and the Internet,
to their passion:
* Many people are aware (for example) of web sites that contain large
amounts of searchable information that is of use for genealogists. These
web sites may include information gathered from public records and
military sources, as well as the results of private research.
* A variety of software is available for genealogists, including of
course a range of tools for creating and recording family trees.
* There are also a number of web sites include tutorials and advice for
people interested in genealogy. This range from tutorials aimed at total
beginners, to more advanced materials which are intended to help a
genealogist who thinks that he might perhaps have come to a dead-end in
his research.
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