ISA Server 2006 Technical Overview

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					ISA Server 2006 Technical

 Howard Chow
 Microsoft MVP
What Will We cover?

• ISA Server 2006 Security Features
• ISA Server 2006 Tool Set
• Branch Office Benefits
• ISA Server 2006 Tools
Helpful Experience

• Experience with the Windows UI
• Experience Supporting Networks
• Experience with firewall applications

 Level 200

• Introduction to ISA Server 2006
• Secure Application Publishing
• Branch Office Protection
• Firewall and Proxy Enhancements
• Monitoring ISA with MOM
Introducing ISA Server 2006

                   ISA Server 2006

             • Protects resources
            What is ISA Server 2006?
              •   Connects directly to the Internet
                  and your private network
              •   Screens network traffic
              •   Acts as a proxy for internal services
              •   Windows XP and later includes ICF
ISA Server 2006 Editions
ISA Server 2006 Appliances
                                Content Filtering
                         Key Benefits
                        Easy to deploy
                        Hardware loaded & tested
                        Hardened configuration
                        Better value
                        Web-based admin tools
Protocol Accelerators      Antivirus Gateways
                        Warranty and Support
What’s New in ISA Server 2006
           Efficient Management
             Integrated Security
            Fast, Secure Access

• • Enhanced certificate administration
    Single sign on
  Enhanced multi-factor authentication
• • Web publishing load balancing
  • Comprehensive link translation
  Enhanced authentication delegation
  • Answer traffic compression and caching
• • HTTP    files
  BITS caching
  • Faster propagation, Low-bandwidth optimizations
  • Better bandwidth utilization
• • Log throttling
  Enhanced flood resiliency
• • Management Pack for Operations Manager 2005
  Enhanced worm resiliency
• Alert triggers and responses
Introducing ISA Server 2006
   Explore the User Interface
   Create the Perimeter Network
   Configure Perimeter Access

• Introduction to ISA Server 2006
• Secure Application Publishing
• Branch Office Protection
• Firewall and Proxy Enhancements
• Monitoring ISA with MOM

  Security Concern                              Solution
Protection against attacks cloaked in
                                      SSL Bridging
encrypted content

                                       Enhanced multi-factor authentication
Increased security
                                       LDAP authentication support
Make better use of AD authentication
                                       Forms-based pre-authentication

                                       Enhanced authentication delegation
Stronger authentication methods        Improved session management
Managing Application Publishing

          Automated tools for Exchange
         Automated VPN policy Management
    Unified firewall &tools for SharePoint
     Automated tools for other Web servers
              Deep content inspection
           VPN Quarantine administration
       Enhanced certificateintegration
         Web Publishing Load Balancing
     Strong Logging & reporting capabilities
User Access


              Automatic link
Secure Application Publishing
 Configure IIS for Secure Exchange Web
 Publish OWA

 Use OWA from the External Network

• Introduction to ISA Server 2006
• Secure Application Publishing
• Branch Office Protection
• Firewall and Proxy Enhancements
• Monitoring ISA with MOM
New Management Features
    Branch Office Connectivity Wizard
    Answer files on removable media

    Faster propagation of enterprise policies

    Secure remote management

    Multi-network architecture
    Network templates and Configuration tools
Microsoft Update Caching
                          What is
                         Benefits it?
    Reduce the impact of downloading software updates
    Cache software updates using BITS

    Builds on ISAdays-of-risk when cache technology
    Reduce your Server’s existing new threats emerge

    Improves the value of ISA Server 2006 as an Microsoft solution
    Windows Server Update Services, Windows / integrated Update

    ISA Server will cache HTTP not have WSUS or SMS
    Ideal for remote sites that docontent-range requests

    Integral piece of the Microsoft Update platform
Branch Office Gateway Access

    HTTP traffic compression

    DiffServ IP settings

    Integrated Web caching
    Cache server array
    Distributed Hierarchical caching
Configuring Branch Office
 Configure HTTP Compression
 Configure Caching

 Configure DiffServ Settings

• Introduction to ISA Server 2006
• Secure Application Publishing
• Branch Office Protection
• Firewall and Proxy Enhancements
• Monitoring ISA with MOM
More Secure Firewall and Proxy
Flood Resiliency

                   • Log throttling

                   • Control of memory consumption

                   • Control of pending DNS queries
Implementing Web Access
   Review Flood Resiliency Settings

• Introduction to ISA Server 2006
• Secure Application Publishing
• Branch Office Protection
• Firewall and Proxy Enhancements
• Monitoring ISA with MOM
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

          Server health indicators
            Management content
          Knowledge basepacks
Monitoring ISA Server with MOM
   Deploy the MOM Agent
   Monitor ISA Server
Session Summary

• Standard and Enterprise editions

• Many new security features

• Many tools available
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