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									Arkansas Real Estate History
The real estate that today resides in Arkansas has a long and storied
history. Sit back and relax while I provide you with a condensed tale of
Arkansas and the real estate that makes up its lands.
Early History
Arkansas was inhabited for several thousand years by Native Americans
before the arrival of Europeans during the mid-16th century when Spanish
explorer Hernando de Soto first arrived in the area.
The name of Arkansas was probably given by early French explorers who
used a phonetic spelling of a Native American Quapaw word. French
settlers had good relations with the Quapaw and often intermarried. Pine
Bluff, Arkansas was actually founded by the child of a French-Quapaw
Arkansas was admitted to the Union in 1836 as America's 25th state.
During the battle for state rights that led to the Civil War, Arkansas
was one of the last of the Southern states to secede. They did so only
after President Lincoln called on them to supply troops to retaliate
against a Confederate attack on Fort Sumter.
Arkansas then chose to secede to avoid fighting against a neighboring
state. At the end of the Civil War, Arkansas was readmitted to the Union.
Recent History
Arkansas cemented itself in civil rights history with Brown v. Topeka
Board of Education wherein the Supreme Court ruled that segregated
schools were unconstitutional.
Improving racial attitudes have created an influx of blacks, whose
population fell during World War II as many of the state's blacks moved
out of state in search of better jobs.
Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas. Clinton went on to serve his
home state as governor for 12 years.
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