We offer waxing for women and me by fjwuxn


									We offer waxing for women and men.

Please let your practitioner know if you are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or are taking any antibiotics.

Bikini Wax Preparation: The hair must be between ¼ of an inch and ½ of an inch, or long enough to lie down on the skin. It can’t
be stubbly or long and puffy. If it is any longer than ½ of an inch, please trim the hair. Do not schedule any waxing during your
period, after consuming caffeine, if you are taking any oral medications for acne or antibiotics for a cold.

After Waxing: Don’t use your shower puff, loofah, or any scrubbing grains for at least 3 days. Avoid self tanner for a week. If you
come in contact with direct sunlight, including a tanning booth, please use SPF 45.

Our waxes are superior to any other product on the market: gentle, easy to use, and effective. Heated at low temperatures, the
waxes are applied just above skin temperatures, have wonderful creamy textures, and are less sticky than traditional waxes
You will notice less redness on your skin after being waxed. Expect smooth flawless skin with fewer ingrown hairs. Hair growth
becomes lesser each time.

Soft Wax used for legs, arms, back and chest areas. Used with strips, this is the perfect product allowing large areas to be
covered at one time without fear of it setting up or drying.

Hard Wax used for Brazilian bikini waxing. The wax is applied slightly thicker, dries and is peeled away (without strips). It is a
gentle yet strong wax, perfect for tender areas that may also have stronger, coarser hair.

Explanation of Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax traditional bikini wax that removes hair about 2 inches outward from the inguinal line.

A French Bikini Wax resembles a high cut bikini where a portion of hair is removed from the top of the bikini line. The sides of
the bikini line are waxed about 1 ½ inches inward from the inguinal line.

Brazilian Bikini Wax. We remove all of the hair from the front of the bikini area, as well as the sides of the bikini line, the vaginal
lips and the labia, and in between the buttocks. The client has the option to leave a small vertical strip in the front if she chooses.

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