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									Grantee:   Crossroads Institute for Arts, Learning & Community
Project:   Creative Forces League
Period:    January through December 2011

A. Background
1. Agency History and Mission: Crossroads Institute provides instruction in the theory and
   practice of community-based arts to artists and educators serving at-risk constituencies. It
   was incorporated January 10, 2010, after ten years of fiscal sponsorship by National
   Performance Network, Crescent City Peace Alliance and Xavier University. The Crossroads
   approach is taught in schools of art, education and social work around the country.
   In January 2006, Crossroads Institute launched CREATIVE FORCES, an innovative out-of-
   school time program for at-risk youth ages 14-18. The program uses acting, dancing,
   singing, rapping and writing to transform those who are acting out in school into actor-
   educator-leaders onstage. Through the process of creating and touring theater pieces about
   community issues, these young people literally learn to "perform adulthood."
2. Community issues: Meeting the developmental needs of low-income minority “at risk”
   children and youth has long been a challenge throughout the U.S., but in Greater New
   Orleans the gap is particularly wide. According to Afterschool Partnership, 90% of at-risk
   teens have no structured developmental or creative outlets either during or out of school
   time. The negative results can be found everywhere from test results to crime statistics.
   To address these profound needs, Crossroads offers new professional development services
   for educators in schools, universities, museums, recreation departments, juvenile justice,
   faith-based, civic and other types of youth-serving organizations. These services can help
   educators engage youth in developmental and creative learning activities; provide a rubric for
   interdisciplinary curriculum planning, implementing and evaluation; and build stronger
   multi-sector alliances. Through this systemic effort, Crossroads will create an economy of
   scale that maximizes and sustains its impact upon the field and community.
3. Current programs and accomplishments: In the last 12 months, Crossroads Institute has
   achieved several milestones. First, Creative Forces trained and employed its 200th teen
   participant thanks to continued support from Job1/City of New Orleans, Dillard University
   and the Recovery School District. Second, a multi-generational team of adult instructors and
   college-bound alumni from Creative Forces became "trainers for trainers" in a series of pilot
   face-to-face and online professional development workshops for educators in Oakland, CA;
   St. Louis, MO, thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Third,
   Crossroads Institute launched a new online library of Creative Forces proven practices
   ( that includes projects, procedures and curricula.
4. The populations we reach: Crossroads reaches a core group of 75 New Orleans high school
   students and an audience of 1,000 New Orleans children each year through Creative Forces.
   To date, one hundred percent of this core group is African American, 85% are performing
   below grade level, 78% receive free or reduced lunch. Crossroads Institute also reaches more
   than 1,000 educators around the country each year through instructional books, a website and
   seminars. While exact demographic data are not available, the organization estimates its
   professional development clients are racially mixed, majority female and majority ages 20-
5. Organizational structure: Crossroads Institute is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. The
   Board includes a Chair, Executive, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Representative.
   The staff includes instructors and an administrative coordinator. The membership is made up
   of students, staff, volunteers and community partners with the organization for at least one
   year. The organiza-tion is guided by a multi-year strategic plan that is reviewed and revised
   in a collaborative process.
6. Organizational relationships. Since its first activities in 2001, Crossroads has worked
   closely with a range of prominent New Orleans non-profits, including New Orleans
   Outreach, National Performance Network, Xavier University, New Orleans Foundation for
   Science & Math Education, and Crescent City Peace Alliance. These groups and others have
   provided invaluable services, facilities, supplies, funding and advice to the organization as its
   programs have developed.
B. Project Description:
   Crossroads Institute requests $20,000 in support from RosaMary Foundation for the
   • Activities: a series of workshops and technical assistance seminars (total 100 hours) for
       100 in-school and out-of-school educators in the Greater New Orleans Area. See "E"
       below for details.
   • Purpose: expand the effective use of Crossroads Institute resources and the arts as a
       medium for youth and community development in our area; develop a league of arts-
       based youth and community development programs that share proven practices and
       strategic resources.
   • Groups Served: the project will reach 100 educators serving at-risk youth in a range of
       formal and informal learning environments (schools, clubs, recreation departments, arts
       organizations, etc.) in the 10-parish area. The group will be racially mixed, majority
       female and majority ages 20-40. A majority will have some creative arts training but
       little experience in using the arts as a medium for individual and community change.
   • Strategies: enlist organizations as long-term stakeholders and partners in the creation of
       the league; conduct workshops and seminars that are challenging, fun and immediately
       practical; and produce results that will propel the project into its next phase of operation.
            Jan     Meet with and select prospective host sites
            Feb Assist hosts to recruit participants, begin gathering baseline data
            Mar Begin workshops: teach approaches, develop teams, propose experiments
            June Begin online seminars: provide technical assistance, develop exchange
            Sept Finish activities, gather evaluation data
            Nov Produce report, including draft recommendations for next phase
            Dec Announce results at a celebration for participants, arts education leaders,
                    researchers, funders and policymakers
   • Qualifications: Director Mathew Schwarzman is a leading theorist and trainer in the field
       of community-based arts education, and he holds a doctorate in Learning & Change in
       Human Systems from California Institute of Integral Studies. Evaluator Dr. Michael
       Cunningham is Associate Professor in Psychology and African Diaspora Studies at
       Tulane University, and director of Tulane Summer Transitions program for at-risk youth.
   • Length: support is requested for the first 12 months of a multi-year initiative.
   • Contribution: this project is central to the organization as it moves away from its Post-
       Katrina emphasis on direct service and towards its long-term emphasis on professional

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       development. Over the next five years, the project will develop hundreds of educators
       and dozens of local youth-serving organizations as sustainable centers of arts-based youth
       development activities.
   •   Collaboration with Other Groups: this project is a multi-sector collaboration between
       government, universities and non-profits; and its aim is to foster new and stronger multi-
       sector collaborations of this sort in the future. Dillard and Tulane University will provide
       facilities, interns and expertise in curriculum development and evaluation. Afterschool
       Partnership, 4-H of Louisiana, Recovery School District, Louisiana Division of the Arts,
       Louisiana Department of Education and Workforce Commission will assist in the
       recruitment of host sites.
C. Evaluation
1. Criteria for success: a mix of qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered from
        • Pre/Post Surveys: Educators and their organizational supervisors will answer short
             series of questions to ascertain important changes in attitudes, behaviors and skills.
        • Focus Groups: Random samplings of participating youth, educators and
             administrators and instructors will discuss the project's impact to date and their
             vision for the future.
        • Portfolio Review: At least 25 of the participating educators will produce digital
             learning portfolios containing photos, videos, assignments and a series of personal
             statements based on their experiences in the project. These will be means-tested for
             clarity and reliability.
2. Expected results: by the end of the project period, at least 80% of survey respondents will
   report the project has had a "substantial" or "very substantial" impact on their teaching. Also,
   at least five organizations or organizational consortia will form the founding teams of the
   Creative Forces League and work with Crossroads Institute on the development of a major
   funding proposal.
3. Plans for future funding: future funding for the Creative Forces League will be secured
   through a mix of multi-year grants and contracts with foundations, school districts, extension
   units and other educational agencies. Crossroads Institute is in ongoing dialogue with staff at
   U.S. Departments of Education, Labor and Agriculture; as well as Americans for the Arts
   and National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies in Washington, DC, to position this project
   for inter-agency support.
4. Dissemination of results: project results and the culminating celebration will be documented
   and published on the Crossroads Website ( and advertised through
   the Arts Council of New Orleans, Afterschool Partnership of Greater New Orleans, LA State
   Arts Educators E-Newsletter, 4-H, National Performance Network and other professional

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Grantee:   Crossroads Institute for Arts, Learning & Community
Project:   Creative Forces League
Period:    January through December 2011


Deliverables: • 100 hours of high-impact professional development services for a total of 100
                artists and educators serving at-risk children and youth in Greater New Orleans
              • 25 digital learning portfolios from a core group of artists and educators with the
                greatest exposure to and investment in project concepts and practices
              • 1 project report with evaluation data and recommendations for the future
              • 1 culminating event that celebrates participant accomplishments and helps
                position the project for future local, regional and national investment


   • Grants: total estimate                                                 $20,000
     o Greater New Orleans Foundation (request): $20,000
     o LA Division of the Arts (request): $5,000
     o Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (request): $5,000
   • RosaMary Foundation Request                                            $20,000

        Total Cash Income                                                               $40,000

                                              RosaMary           Matching             Totals
    •   Project Personnel                          14,000              9,500              23,500
    •   Project Travel                              2,000              1,500               3,500
    •   Project Supplies                            2,000              5,500               7,500
    •   Project Administration                      2,000              4,300               6,800
        Total Cash Expenses                        20,000             20,000              40,000

Personnel: $23,500
   • 1 Project Director/Lead Instructor:             200 hrs x $50/hr = $10,000 (RosaMary)
   • 1 Project Evaluator:                            Flat Fee = $4,000          (RosaMary)
   • 2 Adult Co-Instructors:                         2 x $2,500 = $5,000
   • 5 Youth Alumni/Teaching Assistants:             9 x $500 = $4,500

Travel: $3,750
   • 1 Caravan Rental (incl gas/insurance):         7 wks x $500/wk = $3,500 (RosaMary p/o)
       • least expensive and safest option for lots of local driving in small groups

Supplies: $7,500
   • Workshops (laptop with internet, props, pads, journals) = $2,000            (RosaMary)
   • Video Production (teach participants, edit final clips for Website) = $2,000
   • Web Production (layout and publish portfolios on Website) = $2,000
   • Culminating Event (space rental) = $1,500
Grantee:   Crossroads Institute for Arts, Learning & Community
Project:   Creative Forces League
Period:    January through December 2011

Administration: $6,800
  • Office (copies, postage, phones, internet, software, stationary) = $2,000   (RosaMary)
  • 1 Administrator (finances, records, logistics): 96 hrs x $50/hr = $4,800

       Total Cash Expenses                                               $40,000


Staff Time: Afterschool Partnership, 4-H, etc.                            2,500
    • 50 hours x $50/hour assisting in recruitment for intro workshops

Program Facilities: Dillard University, Tulane University             3,000
   • Classrooms for Rehearsal, Prep for Workshops (24 hours) = $1,500
   • Media Lab for gathering documentary video = $1,500

Program Supplies: Local restaurants and businesses                        1,000
   • Food, beverages and supplies for culminating celebration

       Total In-Kind                                                     $6,500

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