No Coffee by primusboy


									No Coffee?
No coffee? How can there be no coffee? This is horrendous, atrocious;
this goes against all that is humanity. We are in what is considered a
civilized culture. How can there be no coffee? Coffee is my love, my
water, my oxygen, my black liquid of greatness. Without coffee I begin to
act like a flea that's been covered in makeup. I don't even make sense
anymore. Coffee is one of the greatest things in the universe.
Every second that I go without coffee I slowly stop breathing. My life
comes to a complete standstill. People move all around me as I continue
to glance at my hand, it cupped around empty air in the shape of a coffee
mug. Anyone who has gone without a loved one: a favorite pet, a parent or
a sister knows this feeling that is beginning to creep into my backbone.
I am contemplating so many horrible things that I could do to get coffee.
Most beyond what the average person believes to be the line.
They say that god created human beings in his image so God's very image
is reflected back to us every time we glance down into a coffee mug. You
are right this second denying me my church. This is a stain on this thing
we call a human race. A workplace without coffee is equal to not
providing oxygen, or bathroom breaks. Only bad things could possibly come
from this lack of coffee.
Coffee has been a morning ritual in my life since I was only a child. As
a baby my mother drank coffee which made its way into her womb and
eventually me. Without my coffee I cease to work as a viable member of
society. I become a mad person. Personal hygiene and manners go out the
window. They only exist in a universe where someone can get a simple cup
of coffee!
I can never trust anyone again. I have been denied my coffee.
Kole McRae - Style, Wit and Results. Kole is a creative writer with a
unique view of the world.

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