Funny Quote Sayings Get A New Use On Bumper Stickers

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					Funny Quote Sayings Get A New Use On Bumper Stickers
For decades, the book "Bartlett's Familiar Quotes" has been around;
giving writers and speech-makers a whole host of inspiring words. In
amongst all those words of knowledge and wisdom have also been some very
funny quote sayings. Sometimes they are a simple phrase like: "I used to
have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out". Or there are some
that require a bit of thought to get the joke, like: "For sale:
parachute, only used once, never opened, small stains". And, of course,
witty quotes have come down to us from comedians like Bob Hope, George
Burns, Groucho Marx and countless others who are (or were) fast with a
And since people always enjoy a good joke, a great many of these sayings
have ended up on bumper stickers. If you pay a visit to any of your local
discount stores, you will see some of these stickers for sale. On the
other hand, if you do not see the one you want, or maybe driving to a
store and waiting in line does not appeal to you, try the Internet.
Punching in "funny quote sayings" and "bumper stickers" will give you
quite the list of company websites to choose from: just point and click,
and check them out.
Most bumper stickers with funny quotes can be had for only a few dollars,
for a standard 3" by 10" sticker. If you want a bigger size, there are
also the 4" by 20" bumper stickers. And, a new feature is the magnetic
bumper sticker. This is quite the boon to the harried auto owner. After
all, how many times have you kept a car for a long time? Eventually, you
sell it, and there goes your bumper sticker.
Well, with a magnetic one, those sayings do not have to be lost. You just
peel them off your old car's bumper and transfer them to your new one. In
addition, if you want to adorn your home with some of these, a magnetic
sticker is just the thing. You can slap them onto your refrigerator or
any other metal household appliance.
If you find that you like a whole bunch of different quotes, it is easy
enough to get yourself a variety of them. Most websites allow you to buy
a variety of a half a dozen or so stickers for a discounted price. In
addition, if just one of those sayings appeals to you, you can still get
them at a lower price, just by ordering in bulk.
Looking for funny quote sayings, or want to create your own? Stop by for a huge selection of funny bumper
stickers, plus the ability to create low cost custom orders

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