A Day Dreamers Day by primusboy


									A Day Dreamer's Day
Nights are hopeless and Days are full of hopes. That's what practically
is for me. Not, because of the Literary thoughts which define days that
are good & bright and nights that are bad & dark. I dream at Day because
I love to sleep peacefully at night. I dream about my Games, I dream
about my earnings, and about everything that I get around me at that very
moment. Sometimes, I dream of killing some of my College Professors and
sometimes I just sit down to think how to override the Expert Bots in
Counter Strike.
I get up every day in the Morning with new thoughts and Ideas in my mind.
I get up with new ideas on how to develop my new Web site and bring up
some unique points which I must follow throughout that day. I also take
up some promises and swear not to break them again and not to make the
same mistakes that I did the last day. Well, after all, these are just
thoughts. Thoughts that come to my mind while I'm in bed, and thoughts
that go away as I leave my bed.
But, I won't tell that it has been ever bad for me after Day Dreaming.
Well, the good things are that hours pass away in seconds and Class
lectures pass away in moments. Of Course, I'm talking about the boring
Lectures. Lectures that are never fruitful. There are some bad points
though. Day dreaming can't just pass out in an instant. It has to be a
proper fruitful end. Else, the day dreaming might just continue for the
whole day until you get to your bed at night.
Sometimes, I have even given an extra time for Day Dreaming. When I have
no work to do, not even in the mood of gaming, I lay down on my bed and
start Dreaming. I begin with my normal Day to day life and keep pulling
it like a Rubber Band. At times, I keep pulling the dreams until and
unless I became Bill Gates or even richer than him. I keep pulling my
dreams until I were the most handsome guy ever on earth and sometimes
even dream of exotics in my dream. Well, the last one might be common for
But, I'm sure that the exclusive dreams that I have can come to nobody
unless Chandrajit Rudra.
Signing off once again with my beautiful Day Dreams. As I think I will
give some exclusive time to my exclusive Day Dreams right now.
Chandrajit Rudra

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