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					Yamaha FZ16 Review
Yamaha seems to be really fast in India. Just after the launch of R15,
Yamaha has now launched Yamaha FZ16, a 160cc muscular bike. When you look
into the specs of the bike, you can see that it is nothing extraordinary,
but on our review, we found that the looks are gorgeous and worth the
There have been importers of used Yamaha FZ of 2006 models in India, this
confirms that there is a craze for it. Now the Yamaha FZ16 is ready to
rock the Indian market. Many users of the Yamaha FZ16 are eager to write
their personal reviews of this bike, but very few of them actually take
the time out to do it.
The bike has broad tires, bigger than any other Indian bike, and looks
majestic. While the former bike is a style statement, the latter projects
a different outlook of the rider, bold and naked. The engine comes with a
nice technology and sure to last for a decade. We can always trust on
Yamaha for its durability and this has been proved in the reviews of
older bikes I have tested. The tank is designed in such a way that it
easily accommodates the knees of even a tall person. The head lamp looks
a little tiny for the big bike, but the power of the lamp cannot be
While it may take a little more time for German bikes to appear in India,
for the time being Japanese Yamaha technology is enough to satisfy the
hunger of Indian bikers.
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